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  1. 6 hours ago, 08Boss302 said:

    With Tidal and Bluesound seemingly working together again and my new Denafrips Ares II dac now in place i've gone on a digital bend this weekend - with a few neat Scotchs


    New Destruction, you know what you're in for and it doesnt disappoint.

    New Dragonforce, much like Destruction, you get what you think and Its a great album if you like their thing (which I do)


    However, this Helloween is amazing, I've just ordered the BluRay and Vinyl this morning.  Kiske, Hansen back in there with Deris still there too all sharing vox duties.  The medley Kai does is mindblowing but to hear Kiske finally doing the classics again is worth the admission price in it self. 


    Hoping Kai and Michael dont drop off the Unisonic project eithe, that was solid but this new live release and tour something pretty special IMNSHO




    All 3 are amazing and thanks for the heads up on the live Halloween 

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  2. Hi all just a quick introduction to intreduce myself and just a quick run down of my Music/Audio likes hope to connect with crew and talk gear and especially music

    I'm running a Primaluna ProLogue Classic Integrated Amp (Absolutely loving it)

    Music Hall 5.1 Turntable 

    Blusesound Nod2i Streamer 

    And looking to up grade my Cambridge Solo Phono stage (its nice but I know there is better out there)
    Sonus Faber Principia 5 floor standing 

    I have around 3000 L.P's 7" and a few Hundred cd's my main musical tastes are metal/hardcorepunk and bebop jazz can't get enough 

    thanks bomber1988 




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