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  1. I can not contact admin, log into stereo net app, I have no idea how to contact anyone from the team. Contact us link goes to 404 not found. Any ideas??
  2. Great startup, with good cartridges too! Easily half the price if bought all new. If this was in Perth I would have devoured it by now!
  3. Hiya everyone, Just picked up a lovely m3i amp and I'm keeping an eye out now for some speakers to pair with it. These will be only used for audio. I listen to a lot of vinyl, mainly rock. Currently using some Bose 301 continentals. I am open to any ideas. I have seen some b&w cm9s here for $950 and also have an offer to buy a pair of krix euphonix for about $900. Or there is a pair of Monitor Audio GS20 for $1400. I would say $1500 is my max limit for spending on speakers. I'm quite new to all of this so any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Oooo, I like your record cabinet! Who makes these?
  5. Hi everyone, happy to be here. Recently found a real love for vinyl and has prompted me to want to upgrade my lack of stereo system and awaken my ears. Feel free to link me to some much needed reading as I dive in. Thanks!
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