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  1. I have a cary audio ca906 pre amp, which comes in two parts and is connected with a female to female 5 pin xlr cable. Somehow in moving i have managed to loose this cable! Does anyone here make them or know a place to buy another? Thanks - all sorted, but i dont know how to delete this post.
  2. Seeing as I'm off to see these guys tonight, i better play a few refreshers. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets- High Viceral. Local guys from W.A. I never get tired of this album..strange name, awesome music
  3. An album I've been patiently waiting for to arrive from the States - The Gaslamp Killer - Heart Math - GLK is a broody twisted instrumentalist beats freak out the L.A scene. Pumped full of jazz, hip-hop idm and psychedelic synth work. This is a beast of an album.
  4. Just picked up some Spendor Preludes for $100 with stands 😲 so I'm testing them out with some Massive Attack - Mezzanine. This album changed the way i listened to music forever.
  5. Found this today in one my local stores. I haven't really listened to much of them so i thought i should journey down the path tonight. The Moody Blues - In Search of The Lost Chord
  6. The only way to welcome in the weekend for me is Tool - Lateralus Can't believe it's already 20 years old..
  7. It has actually been quite interesting to have some quality imput about owning a tube amp and to look and find thing that i may have not seen or known about, but thanks for your imput.
  8. Thanks, the rectifier was not working when i bought it and thought about trying something a little different. Yeah, i guess it is nice to keep to all original. Might get one just to see if any noticeable difference. Sounds like i have a very complicated and beautiful pre amp. After reading through and taking a closer look I did decide to get John from J.W Electronics to have a quick look over as he is a bit more high functioning than I and has all the tools I don't.
  9. New for Record Store Day.. The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose. Some pretty cool psychedelic rock licks going on here.
  10. Yes, the only one, which is why i haven't swapped one of the others into its place to see if damage to the board. This is why i am asking, as i am new to this and learning what to look for. How do i check the heater voltage? Could you point me in the right direction?
  11. Thanks for the detailed reply. To answer some of the questions.. I don't have a DVM, it that a voltage reader? All the other globes are bright and beautiful. Fully operational. The guide key was removed, sorry i should have explained that.
  12. Hi audio crew. I have a bit of a tube pre amp query. Backstory is I recieved an amazing Canary Audio CA-906. I recently changed the Rectifier tube to a solid state, which seems great, and then also found out the 6sL7 had somehow been put in the wrong way and broke at the base. I cleaned it out as best i could and replaced the valve, but it does not light up like the others. It is very very dull. I have given it about 2 months run in time, but still the same. So i am wondering if the base could be damaged. It still plays and sounds good. This is my first Tube amp, so keen to learn. Also
  13. I got a pair of NHT too, don't see them around much but definitely seem to punch above their price tag. Beautiful sound! Glwts.
  14. Oooo, so tempted, just to have a matching pre and power amp! My Canary Pre does sing quite well though. I love the primaluna range. GLWTS!
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