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  1. JukKluk2, funny enough my brother had a Linn LP12 in storage, still going strong after all these years. Bought a Cambridge Audio CNX in the classified to stream music. Dusted out my Marantz PM8000 and b&w cm4 speakers.
  2. Been browsing on this forum for a short while and bought some audio gear too. Only recently venture back into stereo hifi when I stumble onto my brother’s old vinyl records from the 80s. was a big fan of home theatre but now switching back into stereo music. anyway, hope to participate in more forum discussion.
  3. This is the same ad posted on 10 August 2019 and Sold. Did the sale fell through?
  4. I'd notice you connected the right speaker cable with the red to negative and black to positive phase, was this in error?
  5. No problem Derek. Yes, its one suburb outside Wollongong.
  6. Keep me awake throughout my 9 to 5 office job.
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