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  1. https://www.theage.com.au/culture/music/losing-the-groove-city-s-vinyl-institution-to-shut-shop-20200123-p53u4k.html
  2. Evening All, I have long enjoyed most genres of music. My parents had the obligatory Kreisler all-in-one timber box back in the day. As kids we used to save our pocket money and buy 45’s. My first one was Wild Cherry’s Play that Funky Music, White Boy. My Mum’s favourite was Kevin Johnson. She had all his LPs, and when he toured Launceston in the late ‘70’s I got to go to my first ever concert. I remember being blown away by the dynamics of a live performance and the liquid vocals of Kevin. I still enjoy kicking back with a glass of red and listening to Kedron Brook. All of which used to happen through my Rega P3 / Yamaha RA-A3010 / Subsonic XM-1’s. A reasonable all-purpose system that has served me well. Until now...the TT has migrated to another room and joined forces with its stablemate Elex-R, a Node 2i and pair of Dynaudio Excite X34’s. All of which puts a smile on my dial. None of this happened without research, much of which was possible due to the SNA Community - so thank you all for you valuable input. Cheers, Rohan.
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