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  1. Hi Neil, I approached your challenge from the opposite direction, ie I already had the Elex R and was looking for speakers to match. I tested the MA Silver 200’s at Carlton AV and the pairing was impressive...much better than the (overly warm) Marantz PM8006 / MA combo that was already set up when I went in. The Elex R is essentially a beefed-up Brio with trickle-down tech from the Elicit. At 72 watts into 8 Ohms / 90 watts into 6 Ohms should be up to the job. Go talk to the people at Carlton AV and have a listen for yourself (no affiliation). Cheers,
  2. I have a first world problem. I am using Focal Clears out of a Schiit Asgard 3 headphone amp. The standard Focal cable is 3M long. My preferred listening position (ie my armchair) is ~4M from the amp, and thus out of reach. A 5M cable would solve the problem, but as best as I can determine, after-market headphone cables max out at 3M. I presume this is due to signal degradation. Anyone here have experience with longer cables? Should I invest in a custom-made 5M option, or would this reduce my listening experience to something akin to wireless Bluetooth. Not to mention o
  3. Midnight Oil bassist Bones Hillman has passed aged 62 after a battle with cancer. Sad news.
  4. And there was one of these advertised on here for $250 an hour after this post😉
  5. Winners AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip tour. A balmy Saturday night in Hobart, Jan 2001. Outdoors at the TCA Ground on top of Hobart’s domain hill. The blokes were in the mosh pit, the wives and kids were back home across the river at Rosny. When we got home after the gig the ladies recited the set list to us, having heard it clear as a bell. My ears stopped ringing the following Thursday. Billy Joel - Madison Square Garden 2018. Playing concert #60-something on the trot in his home town. Amazing performance, zooming around the stage on a 3-wheeled stool. He went to hospital
  6. Looking forward to the unboxing video.
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