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  1. Hi Carlos, I had to check your location on googlemaps - 5 hours east of Brisbane... ok you win. Out there what else can you do other than be an audiophile hey ? hehe. That's a nice collection of gear there in such a short span of time. What are your favourites So, have you noticed much of a difference between your DACs and Amps when driving your variety of headphones ? If you could start over, what would you go with for best value ?
  2. Hi Batty, I love that you built your own class A amp. Just out of interest, what would a class A amp that quality (I don't care about looks) if you were to pay retail? I think it would also be a great project to learn about electronics and DIY. It would probably save Audiophiles are fortune if they just made their own cables and amps. Once upon a time, I read, that is exactly what audiophiles did, they were technically/electronically very competent and understood what was going on under the hood so to speak - so it was hard to trick them with gimmicky marketing ....
  3. Yeah I like that it is using the nano-meter diaphragm and their Fazor technology which is used in their more recent headphones. It directly competes with Hifiman who are doing similar things. Would be great to listen to, I wonder when it will be available in Australia ? It's really interesting that they require so little power to drive. If your PC doesn't have much noise you could get away without an amp, or just get a cheap clean DAC/AMP combo. This could be an end game headphone for a lot of people.... Importing I guessing with postage, 5% import duty and the GST on top of the total so probably looking at $715 AUD.
  4. Batty thank you for the tip. - I will check out VAF. I went to David Jones and tried out a pair of Sennheiser 800S to experience the famed soundstage of these 'flagships' and brought my other headphones to compare them with (Massdrop Hifiman HE4xx, Takstar 80 pro - [Rebadged as Hyper Cloud X] , Takstar 82 - [Rebadged Coolermaster MH752] ). They were extremely clear, very detailed, but a little bit too trebly/sparkly for my liking, I would have liked to get a bit more bass out of them. For a $2000 pair of headphones I expected a bit more to be honest. My friend preferred the Takstar Pro 80's to the Sennheisers which I thought was interesting, they have a bit of a V Shaped sound, and a bass thump. Figjam - sounds good. I was very keen to check out the Mass Drop TRX-00 Ebony . I heard they were a great beginners audiophile headphone with excellent bass response. And of course the 650s are a classic / industry standard.
  5. I have just seen recommendations for a great budget amp to contend with the THX789. Review and Measurements of SMSL SP200 THX HP Amp https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-smsl-sp200-thx-hp-amp.9242/ It is being released October 25 2019, retailing at $289 USD. Still nearly triple the cost of the JDS Atom. It might be worthwhile considering if you want balanced for any reason.
  6. Hi All, I got on this audiophile bandwagon at least in theory when I wanted to find an End Game headphone, that can be used for gaming, general use, video and music. It only came into fruition about 3 months ago, when I got back into gaming to host a LAN party for my friends, kicking it old school. So in prep I went all out and starting putting together my audiophile gaming headset. I bought an O2+SDAC and a pair of HIFIMAN HE4xx's, plus an Antlion ModMic v5, to start with, and pretty soon from thinking $300-400 is my limit for headphones, to actually considering cans that cost in the thousands. Then almost on impulse through my readings, I discovered the famed THX AAA 789 amp, and ordered that on MassDrop with a SMSL SU8 V2 Balanced DAC (both yet to arrive). Why you ask ? I don't know - I caught up in the whole end game transparent AMP and DAC + headphones business, so I almost have to buy expensive headphones to justify the purchase - backward and flawed logic I know ... but curiosity has really killed me here, as I want to try all this different technology, compare it, and then probably sell all the stuff that becomes extraneous from my trial and error. In honesty, my onboard sound was pretty good. The O2+SDAC brought out detail in the bass regions, but overall for the untrained ear, was it worth it? hmm time will will tell. The only problem is, I am not aware of any stores other than Addicted to Audio (which closed in Adelaide) which specialise in Demo'ing a range of headphones to compare the cheaper to more expensive flagship stuff. Which means I'll need to fly interstate to try some on. And so like a fanatic I got addicted to reading and listening to headphone reviews to find out what is the best for varying price range, and I'm still trying to decide what to get. In the process of reading - I thought hey it would be fun to do my own reviews, from my perspective of gaming + music and everything else. This is such a rabbit hole - from taking the due diligence to test my ears and find out what frequencies I can/can't detect very well, to learning a bit about sound engineering and using some testing rigs etc - I can see that I can quickly go very deep... or just keep it simple - but I feel simple isn't really enough to give people an honest and detailed enough information to help them make a decision. And so here I am hoping to connect with other headphone enthusiasts, learn a thing or two, and maybe attend some local Adelaide Headphone meets (or, organise one if need be). I am not big on forums, and generally find it challenging to not constantly re-edit my self and just be happy with a post, but here I am having a go at it So while I'm posting: Anyone tried Hifiman Arya's versus Abyss Diana (not Phi) versus Quad Era-1 ? (lol , these seem to be my top 3 at the moment - but... if im paying over $1000 Aussie I would like to hear this expansive magical sound stage everyone talks about.) The Arya's seem very attractive to me for their frequency response, sound stage, detail and overall listening experience. The Abyss Diana's are on special as a demo unit atm ($3500) is it worth the extra 1k over the Arya's ? - I doubt it, but I have no idea - not having been able to experience either of them. Cheers all and Kind Regards,
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