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  1. Update, am now the owner of a Schiit Saga preamp and Schiit Vidar power amp, just ordered a pro-ject phono box s2 from the sales and will be purchasing a Topping d50s soon. Currently only way of playing anything is via 3.5mm headphone to rca from my macbook pro which isnt ideal.
  2. I found your other topic about finding an integrated amp for the LS50's, Curious if you still have the LS50's and what would your opinion/recommendation be on an integrated amp second hand under $2k for the LS50's ?
  3. Now considering the Vincent Pre and Power amps in the classifieds, too many choices.
  4. Oooof! Beautiful! Hard to go past the Silver, hopefully someone decides to sell theirs soon. How do you control your mac mini ? Do you have a screen hooked up or to the TV ? Im thinking i will convert my space macbook air laying around into a media server.
  5. They sound Great, only because I don't know any better right now, might be pushing myself into the rabbit hole by getting a decent stereo amp and forever chasing that perfect sound... In regards to DAC, I think I will most likely purchase a standalone DAC regardless if whatever amp I have has one onboard or not just like as you said, technology is moving so fast and DAC's are just constantly being updated. Temping but I fear I may have buyers regret the moment a Elex-r or an A-S1100 pops up in the classifieds and ill end up selling it Glad to hear its a good combo, have you noticed any drawbacks to this setup ? Am very much leaning towards this, Something about the look of those Yamaha Amps...
  6. Currently have the LS50's connected to an Onkyo AVR my parents had laying around for now, Sorry everyone 😬 Still waiting for the right Amp to pop up in the used market, currently thinking something along of the lines of a yamaha A-S1100 (if for the VU meters and nothing else) or rega elex-r. Issue is right now when an amp comes up on market place, by the time i look at it and so some research on it and decide that its something i want, its sold already so id imagine soon I will become familiar enough that I can pull the trigger on an amp that I know is what i want the moment I see it online. Fear not, I will update the moment I get something, Will most likely get a Topping D50 / D50s depending if the amp I purchase has a DAC or not and same with Phono stage.
  7. Interested, offer sent. Thankyou.
  8. Thought id give a update on process i've made so far. Purchased a Pro jet debut carbon esprit off gumtree for $400 About to pick up a fair of KEF LS50's this weekend off classifieds. Time to work out what I want to power all this.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I have been looking at the Rega's along with cambridge audio amps, Just trying to be patient and see what pops up on here and gumtree really. I know the Brio R is only 50W, what speakers are you using and how does the amp go ?
  10. Punk, alternative, rock and metal, Room size is around 4m x 8m with a bed room on the side and staircases. Room is a strange shape so it will be interesting to see how the acoustics will be and what treatments will be needed. I think the moment a set of LS50's come online for sale $1k or less ill most likely snap them up as I just love the look of them, I was also interested in Tubes but it seemed out of my budget for now but i will look into that combo, Could you find that pair of monoblocks ? can't seem to find them in the classifieds section. I did pop into audio junction which is where I heard the Richter merlins paired with the cambridge audio cxa60, Shame they didnt have a set of LS50's I could compare to. I will be in sydney in a few weeks so i might go into lifestyle store and have a listen to more speaker.
  11. Unfortunately floor standers are out of the question, partner wont allow it 😬Have looked at the Rega, would like digital input for plugging in the computer to play Flac files. Looked at the LS50 wireless as well, not a bad choice but id like to mix and match components further down the line. As above, partner only approved bookshelfs, no floor standers due to soon to be crawling baby Thanks for all the advice, will keep it in mind and I am leaning torwards second hand gear, just need to know what im looking at/for.
  12. Hi there, though I’d make a post introducing myself. Been looking at getting into hifi and now I have a house the budget finally allows that. Very excited to see where this journey takes me.
  13. Hi all, recently developed an interest with building a hifi system. I’m located in Newcastle so local shops are basically limited to one that I’m aware of, budget is around $3000 but flexible so I’ve been keeping an eye out on second hand gear. Will be either steaming from tidal, my computer or vinyl. I did get a chance to visit Apollo hifi in Sydney the other week and had a listen to the KEF q350’s and the ls50’s which I didn’t mind. Also listened to some Richter merlin 6’s which I found seemed like good value for their price. so far my short list in terms of gear I’m thinking of: Speakers KEF Q350 KEF LS50 Richter Merlin 6 Amp Cambridge Audio CXA 60 or CXA 80 if I can find one at a decent price second hand. Turntable Project debut carbon Haven’t decided on preamp but I’d imagine I’d get one sub $300 until I work out what I really want and train my ears better. Im just curious what people think of my rough draft of what I want and if I’ve mis matched anything or if there’s better suggestions. thanks in advance
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