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  1. While I am very aware that tube sound is a very subjective and personal preference, I am interested to understand a couple of things re: project tube box S2 tube selection. First - does anyone know what tubes are provided with the pre-amp - they have been project branded. Second recommendations to improve sound. I very much have a preference for clarity over warmth. I have just put tube store branded ‘preferred’ 12ax7’s in. After a bit of burn in time - sound quality hasn’t changed much, but sound stage seems to be better defined I am running a Thorens td160mk 2 with wand arm
  2. Following on - how often is it necessary to lubricate the bearings on the Thorens?
  3. Recent purchase of TD160 Mk 2. Turntable appears to sonically isolate extremely well. However, platter will jump around - bouncing the stylus - with tiny inputs to very heavy and solid base it is sitting on. I am aware the super version had damping on this (I understand). I am wondering if this is considered normal or whether springs are overly ‘sloppy’
  4. By the by, to sort skate, I use a really old BBC turntable set up record. This includes a ‘blank’ (totally ungrooved) section in the middle of the side. Based on instructions, antiskate is properly set when the needle floats statically in the center of this section, not moving away from or towards the centre - in other words with neutral skate. i do have the instructions and followed set up process except where noted re: wire.
  5. Thanks Gryffles - basically started with the cable set up the way you have it - though the ‘exposed’ part of the wire (before the black covering) is much longer ~ maybe eight inches. Had the wire neatly tucked in as per. However, even with the skate thread right at the weight end of the threaded section - minimum antiskate- it was aggressively pulling the arm back towards the ‘latch’ position. I don’t have the little rubber sleeve. Changes the cable to come round the other way solved the problem and seems to be tracking well now. I note the acrylic looking (clear plastic) ‘clip’ to
  6. Ok - have gone through full set up process - man what a process!!!! Many aspects are very poor in the design IMHO. Main one being that the cable routing has a huge impact on skate making it VERY hard to get consistency on this. Location of the weight swivel means the weight doesn’t like staying where it is set - hanging weight designs are just bad IMHO - bad memories of a TT I had three decades ago with a similar design that never worked properly. last is the lack of a good settle point for the arm when returned - slightest bump dislodges and sees the cartridge hit the deck! All tha
  7. Now see the ‘load’ rating as >400ohm.....
  8. Will add in changes to the dip switches on the Project as well. 12ax7b - curious where the 400ohm number was sourced as did not find that. Also want to better understand this as clearly haven’t correctly understood parameters. noted re: setup in ‘final resting place’ - will go through process. All, much appreciated!
  9. Have since changed back to the original power supply for the Project. Playing through the old TT Rega1 with Ortofon blue, am back to the sound I’m know. Will change back to Thorens/Hana/wand this evening and see how that works- hopefully...
  10. Thanks all, So.... Believe it to be the standard Wand - suspect early as no sign of damping fluid (how would I check?) and not a plus as no lifter mech - wish it had. I am using the S2. When I installed the new turntable I changed to a new, factory supplied power supply. Have since checked and it is much higher output amperage - 1600mA vs the original (also factory supplied) which is 1A. Noticed that the Project was running very hot - haven’t had a chance to change back to test. in setting up the Project, dip switches are set to 10 ohm input impedence, closest to
  11. Hey all - new to the forum. Am a sucker for analogue. Digital good but nothing beats vinyl through tubes. looking forward to participating
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