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  1. It's a great idea to stay home and enjoy the music during these stressful times. And to monitor SNA and wait for that bargain of a lifetime, or a good conversation. Cheers!
  2. Have to confess i've already put together a decent audio system with purchases made here from some great folks. Sorry bout the late hello. This website is a truely awesome resource and an amazing achievement, thanks. When i was a much younger bloke , i would go down to my mate's place and spin some vinyl and analyze the finer points of 'good recordings'. It wasn't until much later that i worked hard and purchased some B&W DM604s1's and a Rotel amp, along with a cheap cd player, hooked up with some bellwire . About 8yrs later i was blown away when i saved up for a Krell Kav400xi, some Cho
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