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  1. Len Wallis Audio in Lane Cove would be an option surely. The top led is obviously for standby mode, left led indicates the bias control is ok, right indicates power regulation is ok, i think. I believe that if there is any problem with these systems that the relays will not open and the amp won’t function. So it should just be a prob with the led or it’s connection. Still should be checked. If i didn’t have a financial shocker last week i’d have already driven all the way from Ulladulla to buy it. Best of luck!
  2. I too have this amp and , like audiohifiaudio , it’s not my best amp, that’s because my best amp is a Krell FPB200c, which the 400xi sounds very much like. I don’t think there would have ever been anything near as good at it’s price point, and i will never part with mine.
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