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  1. Drool.....Stunning looks. Simply breathtaking. IMO And the La Scala's there to boot. GLWS.
  2. @Krix Loudspeakers fantastic response, first rate service!
  3. Lovely looking speakers ill have to get a chance to listen to a pair one day. Did i spotto a old uv metered Technics in the background?
  4. Very interesting design, got to admit i love seeing this out of the box thinking! bummer your in perth!
  5. actually a interesting question that i am intrigued to know the answer.
  6. As a owner of a pair of Cornawll 1's they are lacking in many ways to my VAF and Equinox loudspeakers. But i must say i get a kick out of them all the time, they excite and move me all the time. As for the reasoning that they are a valve speaker, I'm running my with a Proton D1200 100wpc and everything just gets up and moves. Im a big fan altho i could not justify a price tag on the new Heritage series, and can help but think they would lack that character that im used to, rather than improving upon it. but like yourself I'm in Adelaide and since Grenfell HiFi went
  7. Good to see a pair of Esoterix there, I love my pair albeit they don't get used as much as id like
  8. Picked up my First pair Of Monitor Audio Monitor ONE's 2 days ago for 70 bucks not knowing really what to expect. They are my first listen to Monitor and im finding myself continually drawn back to the room for a listen, VERY impressive defiantly a fan!!! Even the wife came in for a listen and rates them.
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