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  1. Further information: As part of my shedding of Blue Line Pioneer components, this TOTL tuner is for sale. It's in perfect condition and quartz locks onto stations with ease. Happy to demo to local people who can travel to Vasse, W.A. or ship anywhere via courier or Aus Post. I always pack my equipment extremelty well and will give options on courier/postage. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excludi
  2. I have someone interested, so it is sold pending payment. I will mark the ad as sold once payment is received. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Selling my beloved Pioneer Blue Line series, piece by piece. This RT-909 is in perfect original condition and is fully functional. One of the plastic feet has a crack but still funtions and supports the unit well. It comes with 2 genuine Pioneer PR-101 reels (No.1 on one and No.2 on the other side), plus a pair of genuine PP-220A 10.5" reel adapters. Plus 2 sets of genuine hub shims. Multi-voltage model 120V/220V/240V selectable at rear and set to Australian 240V with correct fuse. I'll throw in some new, unopened blank tape stock too. That's nearly $1000 worth of accessories incl
  4. Hey Jake, I have a near mint SA-9800 here in Perth. Happy to set it up, do a demo video and upload to YouTube ... I can post the link here once done
  5. Would you consider posting to WA 6280? Happy to pay what you ask and postage on top, up front. thanks, Brad
  6. Traced it back to one of the decoupling caps I added to the underside of the board. I've simply removed them both and hey presto, all is good. Are they really necessary? Thanks everyone for your input. I have another 555A that I'm going to do a real number on to include a nickel plated chassis and upgrades similar to this: Leestereo's Restoration/Upgrade of a Sansui AU-555A | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums Cheers, Brad
  7. Legend, thanks Mike. Will let you know how I get on ...
  8. Thanks Mike. I have a Rigol DS1052E digital oscilliscope but not that experienced in using it. I also have a digital signal generator. Would you advise to send, for instance a 1KHz sine wave into the Left Aux RCA then measure the signal from the speaker terminals back through the signal path? Will begin with an audio probe as this seems less complicated 🙂
  9. I agree Pete. I also have another PCB untouched original that is identical - photo. I'm really stumped as to where the LH distortion is stemming from. RH is outstanding. Listening through headphones makes no difference either. I know it's something in the main amp but I seemed to have tried everything.
  10. That bridge is part of the standard PCB tracks as per SM. rails are 48v each measure at F002/003.
  11. double and triple checked caps and replaced all transistors on both sides, that's what's very strange. Even replaced the ceramics, just in case. Edited my original post with a lot more information ...
  12. Hey folks, I held off for a few weeks to try and nut this one out myself but have hit a wall. I've recapped the entire amp and replaced all small transistors. RH sounds absolutely amazing but LH is very distorted. 1. Checked that it was not a speaker issue by swapping LH/RH 2. Checked that it was not a preamp issue by swapping Aux LH/RH inputs - LH amp out still distorted 3. Swapped out tone boards from a spare AU-555A - no change 4. Swapped out Preamp boards from a spare unit - no change. To me, this points to only an issue with
  13. to confirm I stuffed up one of the KSA992 pairs, I had the bases connected, instead of the emitters. Thanks again!
  14. pickle me Grandma! I swapped out IC1 and 2 from the working unit and all is fine. You were right, it must have been my poor pairing of the KSA992's. I'll go back and redo the KSA992 pairs carefully, as the 2SA798's in the ICs are noise prone. Thanks for all you help Mike, you're a legend!
  15. I swapped out the 2SC1951 with same from a working unit as I thought they looked sus. I have ZTX694B on order from E14. There's something else causing all these discretes to appear shorted I think. Pulled the Zener ZD601 (EQA01-13R) and diode tested OL one direction and 0.67V the other - that seems ok.
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