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  1. thanks all. Was wondering why I couldn't log in - thought I was in the dog house 🙂
  2. Hi folks, I'm restoring a beautiful Luxman L-308 integrated amp which is working but sounding a little too warm for my liking. Looking for any experience on what the correct bias voltage should be across the emitter resistors please. After warm up, I'm getting around 16mV bias and around 0.3mV DC offset on the power amps. I have only been able to locate a schematic but no service manual, so a little stuck. Any pointers gratefully appreciated. Cheers,
  3. Geez, lucky I was present when mine popped and I cut the power within a couple of seconds. I dodged a fiery bullet!
  4. Thanks Chris. I managed to get one from DaDa Electronics in Melbourne but handy to have the Quad UK contact too. It's a common point of failure when the devices are left idle too long. Thankfully, it's a 20 buck fix. Cheers, Brad
  5. Hi folks, Moved post to correct thread, sorry. My Quad 34 emitted a puff of smoke and on inspection looks like the suppression cap is blown as per photo. What's that smell! Trying to locate a replacement for RIFA 0.047uF 100ohmx2 PMR209MB 40/085/56. Original part # NPMR20A. Element 14 and RS have a Kemet 47000pF, 250V but resistance is listed as 47ohms. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/rc-network-capacitors/0209213/ Should I run with this and add a 47ohm resistor in series or 150ohm in parallel or neither? Struggling to find data on original part. Any experience/help appreciated. Thanks, Brad
  6. Good call! I definitely want to keep one for myself too. I'll probably go all out and replace / upgrade all components. Would be worth too much to sell then 😛 Cheers
  7. Cheers Bruce. I have already amassed a rack of amps that I need to tidy and breath life into again so it's sink or swim for me! Hey, at least I get to listen to great sounds while I'm chocking on flux fumes 🙂
  8. Thanks Pete. Would you recommend swapping the old ceramics with WIMA MKS too?
  9. thanks guys! I'd ordered FG series for <10uF from RS but will jump online and source now. Looks like RS don't stock Wima but Element 14 do, great!
  10. that's excellent advice, thank you. I have a dead channel so will just replace the one(s) I need to as I do want to retain that famous Sansui 70's valve-like warmth. Would upgrading the signal path caps to Nichicon FG and increasing the values by double on the filter and speaker caps likely also cause loss of original 'feel' or just improve reliability?
  11. Fantastic, thanks a million Pete! Will post rebuild progress for all to enjoy once I make a start. Cheers, Brad
  12. G'day folks, I'm looking for some help in determining the best replacement transistors for an AU-101 I'm rebuilding. From what I've read here and on other forums, I have come up with the following table but any assistance in filling the gaps or corrections/suggestions to what I have here would be welcomed. Parts list Original Equivalent 2 x TR801/2 XA-495BL (B,C,D) ????? 4 x TR803/4/5/6 2SC634A (5,6) or CDC8000-1 (B,C) KSC1815 2 x TR807/8 2SA678 (5,6) or CDC9000-1 (B) ????? 4 x TR809/10/11/12 2SC1060 (B,C) TIP41C Have ordered all the caps and input resistors but am struggling with the trans. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Brad
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