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  1. I think there would be few people where $$$ are no object. There is no doubt going the amp and preamp options does open up other avenues but at the moment I have invested in the Yamaha RX-A2080 and wanted to improve my current set up without over spending or wasting money. What models of the Yamaha range do you class as high end?
  2. Thank you for the detailed response - really appreciate the advice.
  3. Hi all Over the past six months I have been setting up a sound system. So far my system consists of the following Yamaha RX- A2080 AV receiver 2 x Martin Logan Motion 40 Front speakers (wired as bi-amp) 2 x Martin Logan Motion FX Rear speakers 2 x Martin Logan Motion 2 Front Presence speakers 1 x Martin Logan Motion 30 Centre speaker 2 x Yamaha NS-SW300 subwoofers. The receiver is rated at 150 W @6 Ohms 2 channel driven so I am going to assume this is a lot less when I have 9 channels being driven. My question is would I benefit with the addition of a external power amp and if so would an amp with a two channel output of 80 - 100 W give me cleaner sound from the front speakers than what I am experiencing now? The above ML speakers are all @4 Ohms, and the front speakers are wired bi-amp. I enjoy both using this system watching movies but also appreciate good quality music - and now I have this system I am enjoying and appreciating both more and more everyday. Any advice would certainly be appreciated.
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