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  1. Had to get a decent amp to power some tall and very power hungry Dynaudio's. After plenty of testing (on amps that were actually available in stores) and some clear fails from some $6K+ Integrated and power amps, I went for Purifi based unit and the Dyn's sound insanely good. Uber pleased with decision. Sound only improved further by investing in the right interconnects and quality power cables.
  2. Further information: Make your old Hi-Fi gear new again. The WXC-50 lets you access a wide variety of audio content including music streaming services - bringing your old Hi-Fi System into the modern age. Alternatively, stream audio from your Components across the MusicCast network. https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/multi-room_audio/wxc-50/index.html Purchased April 2020 from Melb Hi-fi ($439.00) and used for 7 months. Comes packed in original box with all the accessories. No scratches or marks. Recently connected to co
  3. Yamaha comes to mind, although (a) sound quality might not meet expectations as they look to be sub $1,500 and (b) you'd have to check as some don't have dual optical inputs.
  4. Welcome, the forum has been extremely helpful. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome Jose, there's several discussions around the C658. Enjoy the forum.
  6. Welcome Ben, the forum has been a huge help for this non audiophile.
  7. Welcome, the forum has been a huge help for developing audiophile intel.
  8. I too was very interested in the C658 and matching with C298 amp. Will be interested in knowing your thoughts after reading forums.
  9. Crazy!! I was told today to look at the model too, looks like a cheap copy of something sold in Aldi. ARCAM SA30 was also suggested but my mate had one and the software issues were agony.
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