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  1. On my sr5013, General free to air viewing / Netflix 55-60. Movies / music on the weekend 60-65. I think I've only gone past 65 a handful of times to show the control of the power amp.
  2. Sub placement is going to be less than optimal at best. I will get a floor layout of my apartment with a few photos of how my furniture and setup is arranged to hopefully give a better understanding of what I'm working with.
  3. Unfortunately I am very restricted for space in my apartment. 2xsb1000 I could sneak in. Or going a slightly larger single is the only other possibility. Sb3000 as single is a possibility. Just means I'll have to save a bit longer as they are roughly 2.5k That's what I first did. Been trying to avoid buying a sub as to keep my neighbours happy. Even with a dedicated power amp powering my front left and right towers as full range. It still lacks the depth of what a sub would bring. I'm not looking to shake the house down. More so to fill in the gaps in the low frequency range that my front towers arnt able to produce.
  4. Currently running a marantz sr5013. Pretty sure it has 2 sub outputs. Not 100% sure if it's independent or parallel.
  5. Hello SNA members Just introducing myself finally after be a onlooker for a few months now. I'm really enjoying the amount of information and knowledge everyone has to offer. Cheers Ben Mo
  6. Hi. I'm currently running a 5.0 system in my apartment and am now looking into my first sub purchase. Tossing up ideas as to which direction I should go, duals or single. Budget is around the 2k mark. Unfortunately I don't have alot of space to play with, so thinking sealed would be an easier option for placement. Room is open plan with entrance, lounge and dinning together. Use of setup would be 70% movies + tv and 30% music. First ideas are 2 x svs sb1000 vs 1 x svs sb2000. Main question is. Am I better off getting 2 smaller / lower quality subs over 1 larger / better quality sub? Cheers Ben Mo
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