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  1. I’m looking to replace my shitty speakers with bookshelf spks because unfortunately can’t listen at that loud volume anymore and maybe new speakers are enough quality for me... any good speaker advice?I like jbl A130 are they good?
  2. Thanks for the knowledge boys I definitely didn’t know any of it.. not clear every part but understand most of it. So I have a receiver philips 22ah 692 / 45 doesn’t display the impedance value and I’m looking for some bookshelf speakers.. I was looking at some celestion Ditton(8ohm).. what you reckon?? How much should minimum invest in speakers to feel it? thank
  3. Hi there, I’m about to buy speakers for my turntable wondering what’s impedance that’s shown on speakers label? I imagine should be same value of the one shown on the receiver, what happen if you plug a speaker with different impedance value? Cheers
  4. Having a look around looks like the cover is too heavy for the hinge so I guess it is not the original one, I’d like to have a cover on because my tt is in the kitchen with kids moving stuff around and wife cooking.. hope to find a replacement
  5. Hi there, I recently bought a Dual turntable and it plays great, I have an issue with the hard shell.. the hinges not holding up the cover, they not looking faulty, the spring works but not doing the job. I thought the hard shell could be not original but it looks great and it’s like new. Is there anybody out there can give me an advice or a contact where to get new hinges or the solution to this dilemma? Cheers
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