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  1. Yes that does help, thanks for the response. When I'm done I'll let you know what the difference in sound is. Cheers Justin
  2. Here's a picture of the esoterix. I've had the foam surrounds replaced by krix in Adelaide about 12 year's ago, the bases are made of concrete seperated by spikes. I'm thinking I might test the caps on the crossovers, any thoughts on this Michael? from krix. They image well great base response in general the system is fairly revealing, I've done a lot of tweaking and have exceptional cables but it's hard to know how they compare with other speakers any opinions would be welcome. It's great to hear that other people have the speakers, I don't feel so alone in the world, I was starting to think that I had the last pair in existence. 🙂
  3. G'day all, back in 1997 I bought a pair of krix esoterix es1 floor standing speakers, there the larger of the two in the series and whilst I can find all the other models of krix speakers on the internet I can not find anyone who owns a pair or anything about them not even a picture. It's not that I need to know anything about them, it would just be nice to know if any one owns a pair and if they like them as much as I do and maybe what their setup is. They are 500 W at 92 db , I run them on a musical fidelity a1008 amp and a1008 cd player and project Perspex SB turntable with ortofon black cartridge. Just like to say hello to another owner, cheers.
  4. No nothing that good just the level for platter and poorly made at that. Correct me if I'm wrong but making the cartridge parallel to platter is the right thing to do, if so is there an alignment tool for this? Off course I'm being rhetorical, Which is the best way to do the adjustment?
  5. Getting better. As as Douglas hifi stated the cart is finicky to set up so once again I went through it again. Noticed the tonearm was 1 to 2 mm out of level lifted it up to suit a 200 gram record not the the lighter one in previous setup, but when adjusting the cart level noticed my little level was infact not so good and had to rotate the tonearm clockwise a bit, enough to consider it a noticeable adjustment thinking to myself there must be a more accurate way of doing this, done all the other calibrations cleaned the styles which it seems to need cleaning often even though all records are cleaned before playing, and BAM huge sound improvement. So thanks guys for keeping me on the straight and narrow and not going of on a silly tangent. But there is still improvement to be made, so how do I get these adjustments precise?, maybe a calibration tool? Any how looking forward to more suggestions for tweaks.
  6. Ok I'll take a few steps back. The turntable and cart is new, used the protractor that came with turntable double check, adjusted tone arm so parallel to record, adjusted cart so level, set anti skate to 1.5-1.9 , set vtf to 1.7, leveled platter then went through it all again, selected MM on phono in then plugged in some non insulated RCA and ground, the everything I played had hum the 50-60 hz type. Then went through the process of getting the best insulated and grounded at one end RCA's no hum. At first I didn't notice the distortion but my wife in next room did of course I ignored this, bought some new very well recorded LPs and then started to zone in on the distortion the more I listened the worse it got. So I went through the setup again the double checked, scratched my head for a bit, then out of curiosity looked into the impedance, read a post on this forum from 4 or 5 years back by someone something math he went by and he spoke of some very interesting stuff about capacitance with lots of maths to back it up in which most went over my head. Now I'm here speaking to you fine people.
  7. Thanks for replying guys. I've done the setup fairly good triple checked everything played with vtf now set to 1.7. I'm starting to think about capacitance, my leads are heavily shielded and maybe the overall pf is getting to high. Oh I haven't used the phono input before.
  8. Hello all, I'm Justin I've just joined and have until now put this post in the wrong place , silly noob. I've been a hifi enthusiast all my life. My equipment is modest and I'm re uniting myself with vinyl after 3o years . I've recently bought a project 6 Perspex with ortofon 2m black cartridge I figured reasonable place to start, plugged into my musical fedelity A1008 amp with built in phono preamp and good well shielded leads . After lots of reading set it up to best of my ability, I believe it's all done right lots of care taken and yes there is distortion, lows sound good high's sound good great imaging mids are distorted almost fuzzy, disappointed. I've done all the obvious things, realignment etc, leads . Rest of hifi is good, lots of new and old record testing. I'm stumped, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, my name is Justin I'm from Staverton Tasmania the land under down under.
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