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  1. Hi Roberto, this is interesting but just my 2cents 1) sadly to say but even today Vinyl is better then digital..............superior compared to digital 2) almost always, let's say 95% people change gear before and without discovering and unleashing the full potential of their setup; short burn-in period, wrong cables etc; this is 100% when you purchase highly complicated and sensible stuff. 3) Home AC power quality may change dramatically during day and night, you are in heaven at 1.00 AM and hate the same record at 17.00 PM....... sharing experiences............that's why the Forum exists ciao
  2. Hi guys, i am a long-term audio-lover Like ( i guess) many and many others i come during the years through a lot of : - mistakes - a lot of money spent - teens of different hifi-setup finally, it is not easy to find someone in the Audio Community that says : i am very happy with my setup............... i can admit that sometimes (maybe only for few weeks) i am really happy and enjoy the music I live in Milan, i have a dedicated audio-room and i listen mainly to Chamber Music and Organ (classic)
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