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  1. When were the surrounds and doughnuts replaced last as i think these are consumabes on these speakers?
  2. It is personal preference,however my focals had exactly the same sound signature as the focal miniutopia,i recognised the sameness in 10 seconds .Believe me i tried to make the 1028 work(to my taste)that's why i bought the vitus,thinking there was something wrong with my Devialet amp.I doubt that focal changed radically between series, wich harbeth you're comparing to?
  3. I'm happy that your findings mirror mine,it makes most bad recodings listenable and the good ones analog(natural).i think people get hang up on specifications too much,the specs are only a good staring point .The best dac I've ever heard is the AudioNote dac3 se.A simple black box with a couple of ins and outs .No digital displays or multicolor lights and 101 switches and buttons and switches. I think the ares2 comes close to AN.as far as sound ,it could even be better .It's a long time since I heard it..We are trying to emulate art with technology. How would we measure one Stradivarius violi
  4. The vitus you enquired on the for sale section would the best option in my opinion however if the b&w sound as harsh as my previous focal 1028 be i would change the speakers as they make the biggest difference. The vitus is on the worm side according to some .To me it sounds completely neutral.My vitus doesn't have the dac board,so I'm using a denafrips Ares 2 and I'm extremely happy with my combination with Harbeth monitor 30.1
  5. Further information: Purchased in May from George together with the Vitus amp as i didn't have a digital front end after moving the Devialet to my second system. It's been reliable and good sounding as well. You can find lots of information on the net,the remote has volume control so you can use it as a pream in a fully digital system. I found that using the ballanced outputs give the best results,wich mirrors the specifications documentation. It has a headphone output wich apparently is very good (i haven't tried that feature)There are digital filters and lots of other features.it comes
  6. Cash converters in Croidon victoria has a centre(massive)and rears ,don't remem er the price
  7. Yes, I'm looking for one to match my m dac
  8. Item:audiolab m cdt cd transport Price Range:market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. Have you seen the goldmund adverised on commercial sellers.?
  10. Hello. I just purchased these speakers and I'm really impressed with the performance. I got them without auditing and when i hooked them up at home they sound very close to my Harbeth monitor 30.1 when run by Vitus ri100.Especially the midrange for wich Harbeth are famous for. Can anybody identifythe model and maybe specs?They are missing the labels at rhe back,there's only the Orpheus badge on the front grills.
  11. Thanks everyone for the positive comments.
  12. Thanks for the clarification, so it has the alpha written at the bottom not part of the the name .Anyway the amp is sold pending clearance of funds.thanks to everyone for your advice and good coments.
  13. Just reading again,i think that international models were not labeled alpha?only Japanese one's, they had alpha and non alpha running in parallel on the production line
  14. Just reading from "best of Sanui"x balanced is the technology that Sansui adopted and later called alpha or i could completely misunderstood, i will ad that to the title,thanks
  15. Further information: Set of surround speakers including Kef reference centre channel bywireable (very good sounding i compared it with many other speakers)and a set of four Kef satellite speaker(uniQ design same.as the centre channel)that.can be positioned horisontal vertical or even on the wall.Some.scraches and marks on all of them but working fine.Pick up prefered but i can pack and send at buyers risk and expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Further information: Good working condition,one of the early seven channel amps (it has 5 channels plus front ambience)plus you can connect two centre chanels or a bywired one and provision for two subwoofers, pre in main out and phonostage. Some scratches and marks on the wood trims but generally presentable. I don't have the original remote but i will supply a Logitech remote programmed for the Yamaha amp.No box or manual and the amp is approximately kg30 so would prefer pickup. I can pack and send at buyers risk and expense.This amp sounds very good and you can find many glowing reviews
  17. One of the first of the alpha series and the most powerful integrated amplifier.Serviced ,byased by Dallas (of Clarke audio),he mentioned that the circuit design is similar to the Vitus amplifier ,everything working as should. I think it's rated at 160 or 170 watts @ 8 ohms.It is an Australian voltage amp,no need for stepdown transformer,good phonostage apparently (never used).Some small scratches as per pictures. No box but i can pack and send at buyers expense and risk.It weighs 18kg Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. Interested in a pair of focal electra 1028 be in white?5000$
  19. Focal electra 1028 be in white?
  20. Running focal electra 1028 with Devialet expert 120,connected with van den hull speaker cables it sounded brash strident,fatiguing.Changed to esoteric thick cables dark,rolled off top(too much) muddy mixed up mids and floppy bass.As a last resort i invested in some hexlink cardas cables and that ABSOLUTELY fixed the sound.It sound louder? Better defined better separation,and it sounds MUSICAL..I am a happy camper.The Devialet IS very revealing and fussy ,don't believe otherwise.Now I'm just curious what the new top of the range cardas would be like.
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