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  1. You should, the audition of Devialet 1000 with top of the range Harbeth monitor 40.2 sparked the whole reshuffle of my system. You may not like it but at leat you'll have the experience
  2. My lesson for myself is that buying more expensive staff is no guarantee that it is allways better. Harbeth are half the price of the Focals
  3. I agree that everyone has different taste.i swapped speaker cables for expensive Cardas, then upgraded my Devialet amp for Vitus amplifier and fully treated the room and still no joy.I guess me and Focal can't be friends
  4. I had the 1028 be and i couldn't stand them.Purchased without listening as they were a bargain. Tried the micro utopia and within 30 seconds i recognized the same sound signature. I am leaving these days with a pair of Harbeth monitor 30.1and i am content. I wouldn't mind trying some Marten speakers though.
  5. How do the Magico sound compared to the Focals?
  6. Harbeth speakers in general have a midrange that is hard to beat(unbearable)in my experience. They are never harsh. And being that you are looking at the p3esr no boxy colouration. Like someone else said,speaker sound it's such a personal thing.I came from Focal electra 1028be floorstanding speakers that i couldn't live with ,at double the price of my current Harbeth monitor 30.1 and been happy. I have no opinion on the other speakers.
  7. Sight and sound galleria in Camberwell have a pair in red on their site but they ask more than your budget but from my past experience they can be flexibe with their pricing.
  8. Item:miniwatt el84 6bq5 Price Range:tell me what you want Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:Quad of el84 new or measuring like new no microphonics Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. In a straight line there's a lot of cars that are faster, including the bmw140 but for curiosity checkout the Nurburgring lap times list on Wikipedia and see who is competing with the Megane
  10. For handling and individuality you can't beat them
  11. I would very careful swapping Harbeth sound for focal.They are at opposite ends of the spectrum. If you like one you probably won't like the other. I speak from personal experience. Both manufacturers have their own house sound.Listen and make out your own mind
  12. I would listen carefully to the Focals as they have very different sound to the Harbeth. I made the mistake to buy without audition purely on the apparent value a pair of Focal 1028be than trying to "fix" the sound i purchased expensive speaker cables from Cardas than an expensive Vitus amplifier and in the end i traded the Focals for a pair of Harbeth monitor 30.1 and been happy with the change. Nothing wrong with my focals as i compared them with the higher level utopia be and within 30 seconds i heard the same sound signature.
  13. O ,and something different, class A audio was selling Dynaudio Focus 30 xd active wireless floorstanding speakers. At half price thy are a little more expensive than your budget
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