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  1. So,forget the dsd as I'm not doing that, mqa stands for master q authentication. I thught that mqa uses original fomat of the recording then it gives it to my node 2i in two manageable chunks for example 192 in to 2×96 and the 2i then spits out according to the dac first unfolding 96 or the whole thing 192 if the dac permits this.Sorry for my noob suppositions, it's all voodoo to me.At the end of the day as Hans Beekhuysen said, (whatever you do,enjoy the music)
  2. My dac gets signal from bluesound node 2i from Tidal first unfold at 96 then the dac processes the 96 signal inNos to analog (no oversampling)and the equivalent cd 44.1 is still better? That is very interesting
  3. So am i to understand that a good implementation on standard cd resolution 44 trumps one in high res eg dsd, mqa 96,?
  4. Is it true that holo dac is better with cd quality than oversampling Hans Beekhuyzen seems to suggest so?does that mean that mqa doesn't sound as good?
  5. Can you compare the denafrips pre power combo to the vitus integrated,what is the difference?
  6. Item:Supra ethernet cable Price Range:let me know Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:1 metre Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Some lower models Wadia cd players used stable plater mechanism as well
  8. Further information: These are the 65 cm height ones,they are in Raw finish.I purchased them in this finish thinking that if i didn't like it i could always plastidip them in black,but in the end i prefer them in this industrial look.I also attached isoaccoustic speaker pads to increase stability and antivibration property (these pads are a composite material ,metal with absorbing material in between).When knocking on them they don't ring at all.The stands can be sand filled but i haven't done that. I don't have the original packaging but i can wrap them and pack so they can be sent to y
  9. I don't think so, why change anything when the formula is so successful, the pontus is on back order, together with Ares 2 ,they are their best sellers.
  10. Denafrips should have called the current pontus mk2 as they upgraded the power suply,fpga and dsp board just as they did to Venus 2.
  11. I bought a pontus from Dacman Audio, so far very happy with the upgrade, wider soundstage, tighter bass,more refined top,i think it's warmer than ares2, more relaxed, and i can listen at lower volume without missing anything. Of course it needs to be run in.
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