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  1. thanks for your input, I agree the the ic600 is the better solution to frequency range hence why i pointed it out in the earlier post I have checked out the dynaboxes, they look great, but i dont see it as a logically sound option for the yamaha speakers, the dynaboxes would actually cost more then the single speaker thats being installed into them. For the price of the yamaha ic600 and dynaboxes i think choosing the krix in celing speakers would make more sense as they are sealed box design from the manufacturer, just my 2c correct me if my line of thinking is flawed. thank you
  2. Hello I thank you both for the input, I just have a few questions. Why should i go for the yamahas over any other brand, is it just because of branding? are they really going to be more acoustically matched with my setup compared to other brands ? btw when I checked the ic400's i see their frequency isnt even below 80hz (95hz is their lowest) so I'm thinking if i do pick yamaha I should go for the ic600's at least for better frequency range to crossover at 80hz etc. would a different brand really not be the best option ? would the sound be really different ? finally where would I find the back boxes/baffles if i take the yamaha route, i have tried looking online but only find USA stores.. any input would be appreciated thanks
  3. Thanks for your input, I will consider these speakers, I see they have an option that can be angled, to what i can gather, it seems its the same speaker when i check the specs, just that they can be angled, unless im missing something. my current setup is a Denon avr-x4300h (I will be getting a seperate power amp to run fronts once i choose which ceiling speakrs) Yamaha NS-555 floorstanding speakers, Yamaha NS-C444 Centre speaker and Yamaha NS-333 as surrounds. 2 SVS PB-2000 Subs anyone have any other brands, models to consider ? cheers
  4. Hello New member here I am planning on upgrading my 7.2 system to 7.2.4. I would like to keep the budget around $500-$750 for both pairs total. unless you believe it would be too much of a compromise. I would appreciate to get some recommendations from members on which in-ceiling speakers they have or possible have heard/experience with. Any knowledge shared would be appreciated.. Thanks
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