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  1. Here in WA it's the Magistrates court and would cost $142. I have been advised that it's a 50/50 as it is out of warranty. We would obviously expect items like this to last longer, but apparently 7 years may be the lifespan. I don't think Onkyo / Amber Tech need me to trash them any more - their brand name is already in the toilet these days with or without me!
  2. Yup, I have done the following - Contacted and reasoned with Amber Technologies (they offered to sell me a refurbished unit at a 'discounted price'. I wouldn't even consider this offer) - Contacted the ACCC. They said to contact Consumer Affairs - Contacted Consumer Affairs in WA. They tried to mediate but Amber wouldn't budge, then suggested I go to the magistrates court. - Contacted Choice magazine. They suggested I go to the magistrates court. - Tried contacting Onkyo on Facebook and Twitter. They did not respond (not surprised)
  3. Thanks hopefullguy. Will continue conversation in that thread.
  4. Hi, I have a 2012 Onkyo TX-NR616AE which recently developed a T-Board / HDMI issue. Anyone has any ideas on resolving this? Amber Technologies wouldn't replace it as it is out of the recall period, instead they are trying to sell me a new one. A $700 item like this should last a lot longer.
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