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  1. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/4f6d0c91-f704-49a1-b714-75601d7eb19b
  2. I'd love to see a review thanks Lachlan. These HPs figure on a lot of people's lists as a true audiophile HP. A lot of reviews are really old now. Would be great to get your perspective, especially a home grown one.
  3. RCA Red Base 5691 Matched Pair 1950's Black plates Triple Mica Excellent Condition. Branded GE and Sylvania, all these were made by RCA. Good test numbers.
  4. I bought this NOS matched pair for my A+S Bigger Ben. Great sounding KT88 tubes. Just prefer Sophia Electric version. Very low hours from new. Located in the heart of Europe in Czech Republic. KR is the world leader in the production of low-frequency power triodes and hi-end audio equipment. All products are hand-crafted, starting from the selection of the glass. The high vacuum machines and the choice of the artisan work in both metal, glass blowing and design, chemical and electrical designs plus the absolute refusal to use an automatic line to make tubes is THE reason for KR
  5. You're treading down an ugly path.....and good on you! I've auditioned many DACs in the price range from $500 to $8000. From SMSL type stuff to Chord HMS+TT2. Chipset (AKM, ESS, Cirrus, Burr Brown), FPGA and R2R. People say Chipsets have "digital" glare, FPGA are more detailed and lean, R2R more "analogue". Others say the DAC in your phone is as good as your TT2. For the record, I think your modded LKS is a really nice piece of kit. I'd love to hear the DA005. I'm a fan of Gustard's dual AKM too. Bottom line, your ears are your guide. Why spend more, if you can't hear the difference? When
  6. Sealed and unused 2M Cardas Clear Headphone Cable for Audeze/ZMF Cardas' finest headphone cable. Clear is actually two separate cables, one going to each ear. With concentric conductors, Clear Headphone is a miniaturized version of the top-of-the-line Clear Speaker Cable. Around 2009, George Cardas was working on an IEM cable when he had a great idea for an over-ear headphone cable. The IEM cable was put on hold (a larger form of which would eventually become Clear Light Headphone), and all energies were focused on Clear Headphone. The original prototypes looked quite dif
  7. Provided the S2 can provide a decent output voltage of 1-2V then the A90 should work. Can't really comment on the SQ with that chain. A90 is a nice crisp HP amp as people have outlined. Will drive the HD650 with plenty of power and tame some of the excesses. You may wish to think about the genres you prefer and the "sound" you like but I feel this is a good all around starting point into HeadFi.
  8. Goes with iFi AC purifier Does your audio system suffer from an annoying hum, buzz or hiss? When you touch your device, does the hum/buzz noise increase? Well, in most cases, this is likely to be caused by a missing Ground/Earth connection that normally shields your system from such interference and drains away the noise. Electrical safety and EMC Legislation require certain ways of designing AC power systems. This legislation does not consider audio systems and is mandatory. It can lead to the irritating issue of hum, buzz, hiss and general interference in certain systems where:
  9. Audience OHNO RCA cable 1m in excellent condition. These cables are crazy value for money (in the scheme of high end cables) even at full price and especially at this price. They offer a lovely sound. Bass extension and control is at odds with their appearance and rich timbre with a hint of warmth. All the necessary information is there to suck you into the music These cables are not out of place in a high end system. They use OHNO copper and solid copper / gold plated connectors. OHNO copper uses a very slow extrusion and cooling process that results in a conductor tha
  10. You are correct for the stock tubes. The single-ended Auris Nirvana headphone amplifier/preamplifier is specified with optional 12AX7 driver to produce a maximum of 6Wpc into 32 ohms. The stock 12AU7 tube is a medium-mu (20) tube, but a high-mu (60) ECC81/12AT7 or an even higher-mu (100) ECC83/12AX7 tube may be substituted, allowing for increased gain, power, and voltage sensitivity. The Nirvana's input is rated at 1.4V for full output. We found the Nirvana to be very powerful and delivers it in a very controlled manner. Would love to hear Susvara or Abyss on this.
  11. Check more closely my young padowan. Surely, they are Interstellar Audio's Plankton Performers Plus, are they not? Carefully crafted in Kazakhstan from the silica of the sand dunes near the Caspian Sea. Heat blasted at 5 million Kelvin in the nuclear bunkers of Almaty, it is blended with Moon rock and diamond dust. This matrix is then woven into foetal Yak hair to provide the most shock absorbent material known to man.
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