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  1. Further information: I am a big fan of ZMF and these are my fourth set from Zach. I bought them with the intention of using them at another setup and was looking for the pinnacle in closed HPs. That setup isn't being used, so I really should let them go to a good home. I'm guessing that a lot more people are working from home these days and may need a pair of truly audiophile HPs. These are IMO as close to the Verite Opens as you can get. Quite amazing really in a closed set of cans. So if you like the idea of the ZMF house sound and Verite SQ but need a closed HP, then this is your set. These are 3-5 weeks from ZMF and with customs would cost 5K. These are near new with few hours on them. I've included a twin XLR balanced ZMF OFC cable and a pilot pad for extra comfort. https://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/verite-closed I can ship, insured express for FREE AUS wide. I'm open to sensible offers. Thanks guys. Vérité is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. With the Vérité Closed, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio. While tuning our latest closed headphone, we implement all new airflow technology to make a closed headphone sound spatially accurate. Utilizing ZMF’s proprietary Beryllium coated PEN driver, a featherweight magnesium chassis, and our most complex acoustic design yet, the Vérité Closed gives you everything you’ve ever wanted from a closed headphone. The sonic signature of the Vérité Closed is meant to companion the open Vérité. While the open Vérité is a quick, smooth and 3D experience, the closed Vérité accentuates imaging while retaining 3D space, sub-bass rumbles without being overly boosted, and the immediate snap with weight that only a closed headphone brings is present. The Vérité Closed is our most closed headphone, isolating extremely well against outside noise. Our MonkeyPod comes from south america, and has a beautiful rich color that we stain a touch darker to bring out the grain and porous nature of the wood. MonkeyPod is both very lightweight, and a little harder in density than similarly weighted woods, it gives a fast spacious timbre due to its large pores and harder density. Weight: 450-475g INCLUDES: • ZMF OFC Cable XLR • Magnesium Chassis • Universe Pads and auteur ear pads + pilot pad • Black Aluminum Rods • ZMF LTD Wood Case Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. A few years back I went all in streaming both audio and visual. Gave the Salvos 500+ CDs and 300+ Blu-Ray DVD. Initially, I was disappointed with both A+V quality. So much so, I fell out of love with both for a while. Then HD streaming came in. Then Tidal Masters! With the right gear and network = happy days. Enter COVID-19. Netflix throttles back 4K HDR. Telstra and Optus (Yes I have both! because they are so hopeless) lose their bundle with the increased traffic. Suddenly, all times of the day, the network(s) drop out. Sometimes at different times or both at the same time (which is very special). Everyone is at home, all the time and watching back to back seasons of Seinfeld. I'm a miserable streamer! So, I've gone out and bought 30 key CDs, a transport to hook up to my DAC and VPNed the crap out of HD Tracks to get some more FLACs. So, when the network fails, at least I can plug in some tunes. Should have FLACed all of (or at least the majority) my CDs onto NAS. I did do that - sort of. Got talked into using iTunes and mp3. Apparently all that extra data can't be heard. What a loser! How awful do those mp3s sound - you know it. So my fellow SNAers, don't do what Nellie did. Keep hold of your vinyl and CDs.......for ever.
  3. I went down the R2R road with Denafrips (prior I had only AKM and ESS chip DACs) - enjoying some hot DSD action! You can pick up a Schiit Yggy for under 3K. That is a multibit DAC. I guess you've tried FPGA with PS Audio, so a different sound or SQ you're looking for?
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. @demondes, you may be right in that I tried the US version. I will recheck and try the EU ver. Appreciate the input.
  5. I've tried this route recently and got both my paypal and CC geoblocked on payment. Qobuz accepted the authorisations but showed up the payment as an error. The authorisations showed up on my CC for a few days and then disappeared. I went to the help desk and they admitted that they geoblock all non US CC and paypal. I really don't understand why they don't let subscribers from AUS access their content. Why do we keep getting screwed on DRM? Even Apple have come to the party by reducing differential pricing. Frankly with the content available on Tidal, I would just use that. I use Roon to manage NAS and Tidal, works beautifully if you have a good network.
  6. Hi, I feel it does depend on which HPs you ultimately choose to buy. Your current choices of Focal would lead to choosing a "warmish" amp to counteract the somewhat bright sound of the analytical Focals. Now if you move to HiFiMan Anandas, they need a fair bit of current to maximise their SQ, so maybe the Questyle is better. However, with the ZMFs, you're going to need voltage, so I would aim for a decent tube amp or the Auralic. I don't have any experience with the Sonys but I think maybe @Bengineer might. As always, YMMV.
  7. This is a great price for a TOTL set of cans - I have these with Audio-GD HE9 - just the best! GLWS
  8. Check out the point to point wiring on Cayin amps - great products - great componentry - really well made. You can also swap between KT88 and EL34 with the switch at the back for different sound signature. GLWS
  9. Further information: For sale - various vacuum tubes and cables. The price above is just indicative of the individual pricing. All are in excellent working condition. I am open to offers, particularly for multiple items. I will include registered post (Australia Post) for all items AUS wide. I have included 1 photo per item. I can send you further information and photos as required. Please PM me with any questions or offers thank you. 6AS7G RCA NOS Gray Plates 1970's (106/107ma and 102.5/105ma) 2% matched = $149 Sylvania 7236 Double Triode Vacuum Tube - Matched Pair - NOS - Unused + receipt = $99 6AS7G/6H5C-SVETLANA BLACK PLATE MATCHED (Svetlana Winged C ) NOS Unused Vintage = $99 6BL7GTA Sylvania/GE/RCA 3 pairs 1950/60s Excellent Condition Original Boxes = $99 Sylvania 6SN7GTA 1953/55 pair excellent condition = $79 Sylvania 6SN7GTA 1970's pair excellent condition original boxes Chrome Top = $79 PAIR OF PHILIPS MINIWATT EZ80 VALVES. 1961. HICKOK TESTED. VERY STRONG. Suit WA2 = $59 GE 6BL7 GTA VACUUM TUBE PERFECT DATE MATCHED PAIR CRISP BOXES SUPER SWEET TONE = $49 3pcs Gold Dual 6SN7 6BL7 TO 6AS7 tube adapter For Elise/Woo amp - NEW ++ power = $45 ea Oyaide Neo D+ Stereo XLR Class-B Cable (2m) = $39 Neutrik XLR-M To XLR-F Audiophile Interconnects ProAudio Cables UK 25cm Jumpers = $39 Arctic Cables OFC 8 wire Cable for Hifiman HE-1000SE Arya Ananda Sundara *3.5mm* = $159 Dual XLR Headphone Cable Audeze LCD2/3/4 8n occ Silver Cable 1.5M Carbon Fibre = $159
  10. Some headphone goodness for you - Cayin HA-300B. I'm using Sylvania GTAs instead of the Shuguangs in the photos.
  11. IMHO - I see no reason to use a Roon Nucleus or other NUC core if you have a decent laptop, desktop or mac equivalent. Now that does depend on you using mostly streaming services. Indexing and playing of NAS is good with Nucleus and the multi-room platform is also good. Have I just refuted what I said in first sentence? Again, if you're using Roon for just streaming, just use your PC as the core. Services are more dependent on your networking bandwidth than having a standalone core unit. BTW, if you're a Tidal or Qobuz user then their apps are pretty good. What I like about Roon is the way it "finds" and "controls" your players. Especially, with the DSP options. YMMV.
  12. Hi Matt, A bad case of upgraditis and fomo on my part. Chasing the end game setup. Pity I missed your Glenn OTL sale - nice machine. I'm envious of your Oblivion - looks so Star Wars! (may have to go down that road). I know what you mean about LCD-3, I have the LCD-4 and I feel that the 3s may have a bit more bass kick and fuller mid range. Nice tube selection on your ALO - a class act. Working my way through ZMF's portfolio - who doesn't love all that wood? BTW - Zach or Bevin answer all of their mail - how awesome is that? Stay healthy! N
  13. 10 mins warm up for the photo - hours afterwards soaking up the richness of the music. I might be tempted by the Takatsukis on classified - only 2K for a pair! But handmade - awesome. You remember the old days when we had Marantz, Luxman, Yamaha or McIntosh amps with those VU meters? Don't really do anything but look great. If it's too loud on the VU, it's probably too loud at your ears. Keep the photos coming guys - just by posting photos, it's starts a lot of good conversations about what gear you have and how to use it etc.
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