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  1. Hey Brian, bad distortion at all volumes on the driver. i did contact epos they don’t do repairs anymore. No spares left but they did have a couple of pairs they were willing to butcher but the price was pretty high.
  2. Item: epos es14 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have a set with stands although one driver is faulty. I would like another pair. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. Update, on a closer inspection it looks like the glue has failed on the rubber surround to the cone in a few places.I will glue this back together and hopefully this rectifies the problem.
  4. Had a crack at this, unfortunately no change. Cheers
  5. Unfortunately the distortion is coming from the bass/mid driver, resoldered connections, replaced tweeter capacitor to no avail. contacted creek and was advised parts were as rare as hens teeth they could cannibalise a speaker there and send out the driver but at 300 pounds +vat+ postage I think I’ll start shopping for new speakers.
  6. Champion, I’ve ordered a replacement capacitor to see if this fixes it. thanks for the heads up about creek audio.
  7. Hi, any help regarding a distorted tweeter on epos es14?? have swapped cables and output on amp and it’s the speaker. there is a 2.2uf cap which seems to test ok with a multimeter. thanks justin
  8. I pick up the Rega planar 3 linked here from Baz on Saturday so now it’s just the amp. What about this one on ebay, it’s in my budget, in regards to cables is there anything I need to consider. amp music fidelity a100
  9. Thanks wen, I will start the search and also start to try and educate myself on the mysteries of hi fi.
  10. Beginner here, I have been gifted a set of epos es14 speakers with stands and a small collection of vinyl. i wouldn’t know where to start and am looking for advice to purchase a amp and turntable to suit. Budget up to $1200 cheees
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