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  1. What sort of battery life are you getting out of a full charge on the 507?
  2. Further information: Selling my Cowon Plenue D. Purchased in 2018, have found myself using my Sony NW-A45 DAP of late. Player only comes with the cable for charging & transferring files, sorry no longer have the original packaging. Any questions, happy to answer. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actu
  3. What is it you don't like about the sound signature??
  4. Have a watch of this video from John, may be the solution -
  5. Interesting issue you have here. No idea if it would work, but something like Plex Media Server? Could you upload your content, then play it anywhere you like off the cloud?
  6. Have had a few days of listening with them now. Firstly, much prefer the fit with foam tips. I'm currently using T-400 isolation with wax guard from Comply, which I usually use on my Sony Wf-1000xm3. I managed to setup another hearing profile with the foam tips & the results came back a little different to the stock tips, but not major. I have ordered another set of foam tips, without wax guard, as I've read a fair bit the wax guard can muffle the response. Sound quality wise, there is a fullness in the sound which I can't recall hearing in any other in-ear phones before, that
  7. Given in to curiosity & ordered a pair of Nuraloops last Thursday, expected to arrive tomorrow. Main thing that's gotten me to do it has been seeing people post they have managed to fit Comply Foam tips onto them. Will report my thoughts after some listening.
  8. I have the Sony WF-1000xm3 - They have been on sale at Addicted To Audio a few times of late for about $250.
  9. Have been following the Nuraloop sub-thread on Reddit & seeing a fair few people post different technical issues. Not great.
  10. Little off-topic, but what do you think of the Beyerdynamic Lagoon headphones? I've started looking around the past few days at possibly a BT set & have been reading up about these. I own the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, so like the sound signature. Can you compare them to any other BT phones, if at all the Sony's?
  11. Cancelled my order just after all the shutdowns started, as production had come to a halt & got myself the Sony WF true wireless headphones. Still am curious to see people's opinion on these after a week or 2 of using them. The early indications reading people's initial thoughts on Reddit have been for the most part positive, but not mind blowing in regards to the sound quality - I think people had expectations they'd get a similar experience to the Nuraphone, which simply isn't going to happen with an in-ear headphone compared to an over-ear headphone. Look forward
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