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  1. Luckily I'm not desperate for a pair of headphones & purchased merely out of intrigue to see what Nura develop here, otherwise I would be pulling the plug on a refund & getting something else. I wonder how many sets they've actually produced since the last email, what before Christmas? From memory, they had planned to start shipping them after Chinese New Year, meaning you'd assume they'd have an amount ready to go.
  2. Poweramp is what I'm currently using. Others seem to prefer USB Audio Player Pro, but Poweramp has a much nicer interface IMO.
  3. Connecting the phone to the head-unit with an audio cable will use the phones DAC, no?
  4. Thanks. I figured it out & bout an optical cable to hook the two up.
  5. My main concern is the fit. My assumption is you won't be able to use 3rd party tips, such as comply foam tips, though hope I'm wrong. If they only have 3 tip fits, like the Nuraphones, someone is bound to be unlucky & not able to quite get the right fit, which is crucial with IEM's.
  6. Current Setup is an LG smart TV, HDMI out into my Yamaha AV receiver. I watch & listen to my content through the apple tv or chromecast, both of which are hooked into the receiver. If I want to access apps through the TV, so the native Netflix app on the TV for instance, I get no sound - what's the easiest solution? Should add, the toslink optical input is being used on the receiver from my Google Audio Chromecast.
  7. Update to this post - I bought an LGV30 during the Black Friday sales. That's now my portable source gear.
  8. Had I not bought the LG V30 during Black Friday sales, I probably would have hit this up.
  9. I listen to music daily, in the car (have a decent sound system), at work & when I am out & about whether it being at the shops, gym etc... Basically whenever I am alone. I have 3 pairs of headphones (Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, Westone W30) & waiting on the Nuraloops. I also listen at home, I've compiled a home sound system as well. I care about the sound quality, so do tend to fiddle with my equipment, but not over the top. I'm always on the hunt for improvements, for sure. I listen to music because it feels good, it makes me happy & puts me in a good place.. I've had many great times involving music, whether it be in clubs, travelling round the world attending festivals or having lil get togethers with friends. I'd average, most days I'll be listening to music for a minimum, 5~ hours.
  10. While it's annoying, more so because I am so intrigued to hear/see/feel/use these things, I'm not dying or relying on them.. So, I'm ok with waiting. Fingers crossed its not a huge let down once we actually do receive them.
  11. Looking at buying the LG G7 for $399 from JB - How is battery on it. Will it get me 8+ hours of just music listening? Looking at using it as a portable solution when out & about. Would use a set of Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's, Westone W30 & Nuraloops with it.
  12. Thanks for the input - I am definitely considering starting with a DAC, as I assume it would be an upgrade on my Yamaha's current internal DAC? Even something like a Topping D50 as an example, I assume would be better? Any suggestions for DAC's would be welcome. Edit: Am I right in understanding, if I want to use an external DAC on my existing AV receiver, I need to hook it up through the RCA inputs. Hooking it up through the digital connection, will continue to use the receiver's built in DAC? How would something like an Apple TV 4 hook into all this, continuing to use the external DAC?
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