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  1. Hello guys, I have been using the Job INT for some time and I really love it ! But I am looking for a great power cord as i live in France - so the Job Sweet Cord doesn't fit EU outlets. Would you get any advices of a great model that works perfectly? Many thanks,
  2. Hello suprisetech, Your project was very nice, I love it! Did you manage to eliminate all resonances? Best, Ben
  3. I like the design of your speakers! It is certainly a great piece! What do you use to get a great bass from your 30 cm bass? Concerning the drivers, you have less exotic ones but it doesn't mean it sounds worse. 😉
  4. Hello suprisetech, You seem to have great system and loudspeakers too! Could you share some pictures of them please? In fact it was somebody else who built the cabinets. I agree this is marvelous work!! 😉 I am looking for the best speakers to get for my Bluesound Node 2 and my upcoming Job INTegrated (equivalent of the Goldmund Métis 7) Ben
  5. Hello everybody, I am French and own a great pair of floorstanding loudspeakers DIY' style (Tweeter Isotar 2, Medium Davis Acoustics, Bass Focal 25cm). I am waiting for my 3 in 1 amp : the Job INTegrated. I get a good Lyngdorf earlier but it didn't work as expected : very disappointed especially for the price! I am 24 years old and love to hear music. I would be happy to discuss with you soon! All the best, Ben
  6. Hello Cafad, Many thanks for your great coverage of personnal listenning sessions and feelings. Just a question : a lot of owners speak about the importance of getting great power cable. Did you listen the INT with a great power cord or not? I also guess it was your speakers that didn't fit the Job. And what was the name of the Faber speakers of the man you sold the amp? All the best, Ben
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