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  1. Thank you. I totally agree. I did not want to go deep on this. My Onkyo SKF-4800 Front Speakers, sub, centre and rear speakers are entry level at best. I am looking at moving within 2 years and don't want to do a major upgrade on the home theatre atm. As I said before I'm very happy with my personal critical listening setup.
  2. @Snoopy8 When you said "look in classifieds" I thought you meant Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. I had not looked for an AVR here at stereonet . I thought it would be all hifi gear here. I'll have a look.
  3. Actually @Snoopy8 I don't think I want to buy a device from the classifieds. Everyone overvalues their gear. I believe if you've had something for 3 to 5 years and gotten your money out of it then it should be sold for 33% of original value and less, unless it's an Apple device, a Japanese audio pressing, a Swiss camera or lens or a German machine. No one else seems to feel that way. So I'll keep with my request in my topic. If not those units I put forward then I'll hear about something else.
  4. THanks @Snoopy8 , f you were looking in classifieds for a used AV Receiver under $500 what brand and model would you look for? Uses include Apple TV, Blu-Ray movies, Netflix, Playstation + Streaming Lossless Audio via a Pi based unit.
  5. I am looking to replace my Onkyo TX-SR313 AV Receiver with a budget under $500, deeply under if possible. I have had it for several years but it is playing up lately with some HDMI ports not working, distortion on a front speaker channel, etc. The Home Theatre is for my wife and myself. I want to replace it with a nice sounding budget AV Receiver. I do my critical listening in my office and my studio. I have pretty great equipment for myself (KEF LS50 + Orchard Audio Starkrimson Integrated Amps + Orchard Audio PecanPi + Roon and Qobuz Subscription) that I have somehow managed to talk my
  6. Hi Leo! Great to see @orchardaudiollc at stereo.net.au . I love my Pecan Pi Streamer and Starkrimson Mono Block Amps. I've been steadily upgrading my cables, connections, speaker stands, etc to get the most out of my Orchard Audio system.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like good advise.
  8. I wrote to Atacama and asked for their recommendation. They advised to start with 1 tub divided between 2 stands and go from there. I will add more if required. I have seen differing schools of thought on this. Some, like you, have advised filling them right up. Others say that optimum fill level is 3/4 full. ?
  9. I went with the Atacama Atabites in the end. 1 x 7kg tub between 2 stands filled them each (3.5kg each) about 2/3 full. I'm happy.
  10. sand is mined from quartz. if you inhale it your organs will fail. that might be ok at @andyr's house of lead but organ failure at my house is frowned upon. Apparently jasmine and basmati uncooked rice will last 4-5 years. I think I've cracked it.
  11. I think a bag of uncooked rice is the safest, least expensive, most non toxic, most non corrosive choice, most ethical choice.
  12. i'm not drying out beach sand in my oven. it will just get wet again because that's what it wants to do and rust out my stands. if everyone took beach sand there would be nothing left for turtles.
  13. My pool girl just sent photos of their pool filter sand. I'm not using it. Warnings of cancer and organ failure if inhaled. Another point for Atabites.
  14. Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom. That's not something I've seen anywhere yet. I appreciate that this has come out in the discussion.
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