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  1. sand is mined from quartz. if you inhale it your organs will fail. that might be ok at @andyr's house of lead but organ failure at my house is frowned upon. Apparently jasmine and basmati uncooked rice will last 4-5 years. I think I've cracked it.
  2. I think a bag of uncooked rice is the safest, least expensive, most non toxic, most non corrosive choice, most ethical choice.
  3. i'm not drying out beach sand in my oven. it will just get wet again because that's what it wants to do and rust out my stands. if everyone took beach sand there would be nothing left for turtles.
  4. My pool girl just sent photos of their pool filter sand. I'm not using it. Warnings of cancer and organ failure if inhaled. Another point for Atabites.
  5. Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom. That's not something I've seen anywhere yet. I appreciate that this has come out in the discussion.
  6. whoops didn't read your thread close enough. delete post!
  7. I had a feeling that mentioning Atacama Atabites would spice up this thread. Thanks for your help everyone.
  8. I don't have faith that lead is safe. I can't find dry sand. I think sand will leak out bit by bit or become moist. I don't want to inhale garnet, ever. I think I am going to have to break down and buy 2x 7.5kg tubs of Atacama Atabites Inert Speaker Stand Filler. AudioJunction will send me 2x tubs for $218 incl shipping. I have read that speakers sound best with the Atabites in the stands anyway.
  9. Thanks. I'm in Cairns. Nobody seems to have kiln dried sand.
  10. Thanks. It's wet season in Cairns atm. I see zero possibility of a few days of drying in the sun. That's one thing that is making this difficult.
  11. Thanks for this. I have seen many references to lead shot. I think my wife would crack me one if she heard me say I wanted to bring lead into her house.
  12. I have heard that you can use this. I have no experience with it so was not certain. Also, do you need to worry about inhaling dust when pouring? Is this the same? It's a fair bit cheaper. Blackridge Sand Blasting Grit Garnet 10kg https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/blackridge-blackridge-sand-blasting-grit-garnet-10kg/385734.html
  13. I recently purchases 2 Atacama Steel stands for my KEF LS50's. I want to fill the stands with something to make them inert. I have seen that lots of people use sand, but it has to be kiln dried sand or silica sand. I live in Cairns. I've checked my local Bunnings, gravel and stone supply yards and several pool supply shops. They have neither. Bunnings has a paving sand which is supposed to be dry by reviews say it is wet. I understand that kiln dried sand is used with artificial turf, but again I am striking out with a supplier. If I can't get kiln dried sand what ot
  14. Thank you for the advice everyone. I had actually posted this topic in a KEF owners group on FB and in that post I included a photo on my setup. While many of the members there, oddly enough, came down on the side of REL T7i over KEF Kube 10b's, a considerable number advised I look into proper stands and better speaker placement. And so last night I ordered a pair of Atacama - Nexus 6i - 600mm Speaker Stands in order to give the bass of the KEF LS50 a fair go before looking into sub(s).
  15. I recently purchased a pair of KEF LS50 Black Edition speakers. I have built (work in progress) a new system around them. I have a Pecan Pi DAC / Streamer that connects to 2x Starkrimson Class D Mono Block Amplifiers rated at 150w each that I purchased from Orchard Audio. That connection is via XLR cables. The Starkrimson Mono Blocks then connect to my KEF LS50 via 10AWG speaker cables with locking Banana Plugs. I have 2 questions. I want to introduce 2x subwoofers to my system and I am debating between a pair of KEF Cube 10b or 12b or a pair o
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