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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, however I sold the Rotel. Dennis
  2. Where did you buy the Elekit please ? Dennis
  3. Crikey ... I didn't think 8 wpc would drive anything except headphone amp or huge horn loaded spkrs ! Very interesting. As I mentioned, I'd love to have a valve amp, as they sound so natural. It's like playing a good LP which I did yesterday. The sound was " just right ". Where did you buy the Elekit ? Thanks for sharing your experience. Dennis
  4. Thanks. What MF amp do you have ? I also love the sound of valves, but have limited space for one. Cheers, Dennis
  5. Thanks Guys, Bob ....you're right about the Krell on both fronts. It is overpriced, and I do remember the characteristic as dry & clinical. Wen : I did have an Exposure 2010 a few years ago. Bought it from Trevor Lees. It was nice but I can't remember what happened to it ? I think I traded it for a hybrid amp ( Italian ). I'd really like to get back to tubes, but they're somewhat impractical for me, as I don't have much space and they're too heavy for me to move around, as I have a dodgy back. Cheers, Dennis
  6. Thanks Bob, I moved here 15 years ago ! Sorry I didn't make that clear. Yes, I've been through all the hoo hah of getting the speakers right. Front end is a Denon 1500 ES SACD player which I like a lot and have compared to some pretty high end ones ( i.e. 2 or 3 times the price ) and still preferred the Denon. Turntable is an old but tweaked Pioneer with an excellent Ortofon cart ( can't remember the model but it was about $600 ) which is satisfactory. I like your idea of the Krell. I heard one quite a few years ago in a ( now defunct ) dealer's showroom, and thought it was very top end harsh. Could be OK with my present set up. There's someone on e bay who has been advertising a KAV 300i for some time. Cheers, Dennis
  7. Thanks Muon N', Yes, I've heard that doubling an amp output results in only a small audible difference, which is why I didn't think there would be much difference between the Rotel ( 70 wpc ) and the Arcam ( 50 wpc ). However the Arcam sounds too " polite " as they say, even though it's great with imaging and presence. I always try to buy used equipment. As you say, much better value. I bought my B&W speakers new at $2500. Now they're probably worth only half that on the used market. Cheers, Dennis
  8. Hi Ittaku and thanks for the prompt reply. Crikey ... that's a difficult question !! I've been very pleased with the speakers from the beginning, as they play music, not just reproduce sound ! However I've always had floor standers and like their " big " presentation. I got the B&Ws when I moved into my home unit, as the living room is fairly small. Prior to that I had Elac floor standers ( can't remember the model ) and they were fantastic ! However, sold them to fund an overseas trip. Now I'm an age pensioner and money isn't plentiful, but I do love my music and would like to have the best system I can afford which suits my room. I don't listen at high levels. Probably around 9 - 10 o'clock. The B&Ws sounded pretty good with the Rotel, but a little " bland ". The Arcam has greatly improved imaging and ambience of the recorded environment, but I have to " crank it up " more than usual. Maybe because of its' 50 wpc c/f Rotel's 70 wpc ? I didn't think it would make much difference. To answer your other question, I could probably afford to spend $1500 after selling either amp or speakers. Cheers, Dennis
  9. Hi folks : I would be grateful for some advice on the following : I recently purchased a very nice Arcam FMJ A 19 from a fellow SN member who lives close by. It's a lovely amp ... refined, detailed, great imaging, etc. but I feel there isn't enough power in reserve to drive my B& W CM5S2 speakers with large scale orchestral and pipe organ music for the big " climaxes ". So I'm thinking along these lines : change amp to something " beefier " or change speakers for something with a greater sensitivity. I like the character of both the Arcam & B&W, but they don't have the wow factor when I expect it. I've read that the Arcam has a " laid back " character, and is more suited to " brighter " speakers .... ? My speakers are 88 dB and I used to use a Rotel RA 971 Mk.2 ( 70 wpc ) which worked well, and before that a NAD ( can't remember which model ) which was just OK. I also have an older, small REL subbie which is fine. Thanks in anticipation of some experienced advice. Dennis
  10. Item: Rotel RA 971 Mk.2 Location: Briar Hill, VIC Price: $275.00 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No longer required due to upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This has been a terrific amp and is in good condition. Everything works as it should. Has been checked by local audio technician and a few dry joints re soldered. 70 wpc. No phono stage. Two sets speaker terminals. A previous owner installed a remote sensor, which only works if the remote control is aimed directly in line with the sensor. I've never bothered with it, but the generic remote is included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. G'day Orca, I'm interested in your amp, but one statement you made that has me puzzled is : " no opera " ? I don't listen to opera, but to classical orchestral and organ music. How do you think your Creek would handle that type of music ? I'm using B&W CM5S2 speakers. Cheers, Dennis
  12. Thanks for the information. Dennis
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm now looking at a PMA 1520 AE, which is even cheaper than the 1500. Don't know if there's much difference between the PMA 1500, 1510 AE or 1520 AE ... ? Probably can't afford a 2500 NE. Dennis
  14. Hi all ; I would appreciate some wisdom on the following please. I'm thinking about replacing my Rotel RA 971 Mk.2 with a Denon PMA 1500 SE. Is this a worthwhile " upgrade " ? I only listen to classical music, much of it large - scale, and pipe organ music, however my lounge room is fairly small and I don't listen at very high levels. I do like a big effortless sound, but not harsh on the ear. Thanks in anticipation. Dennis
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