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  1. Yes, that's the recording. Perhaps there wasn't an audience anyway. Looking up details and history of Kingsway Hall, it seemed that it was just used for a recording venue, as far as I can ascertain.
  2. Yes that's right. However I omitted to say that the TT goes into my good old Denon transformer first. I don't fully understand how this works, but altering the settings makes a big difference. Dennis
  3. Sorry Andy ; I'm using a MC cart. Ortofon Quintet red. The Cambridge has inputs for both MM and MC but Rotel only has MM phono input. Dennis
  4. Thanks Andy, No the Rotel has a detachable " kettle " type mains cable. When I was using the Cambridge phono stage, volume needed to be only 9.30 - 10.00, ( through the MC ) but straight through to the Rotel ( MM only ) it needed to be 12 o'clock for the same output. So I reckon it was the higher volume setting picking up a radio signal. Surprising since there aren't any transmitters close to me. Thanks for the input. Dennis
  5. Wooo .... they're coming to take me away !
  6. Hi Ant. Glad to hear that the Sony cdp arrived and you're happy with it. However it's disappointing about the damage, even though it's relatively minor. Bloody couriers don't care about careful handling. Your set up looks great ! Dennis
  7. Good day all, Could some of my experienced and knowledgeable friends on SNA please give an opinion on the following ? This arvo, while listening to my copy of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs UHQR " The Planets ", I could faintly hear voices in the background, like talking on a radio station. It only happened on side 1 of the record and only intermittently. I don't have a tuner. Hmm .... never noticed this before. I'd decided to try the phono stage of my recently acquired Rotel RC 1070 pre amp, instead of going via my Cambridge phono stage and then into a line stage input. I had to in
  8. Good day all ; does anyone know if there are any Audiomeca ( Pierre Lurne ) Mephisto cd players floating around in Oz which may be for sale ? I wish to upgrade from my current Denon 1500 AE ( cd / sacd ) player, and recall having a home demo of the Mephisto a number of years ago. It blew my mind ! Never heard anything as musical and detailed ..... rosin falling off the bow category ! I would have bought it at the asking price of $7000, but the dealer wouldn't sell because it was his floor demo model. I ended up with a Kreatura instead. This was good, but I've always had fond memorie
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm still getting used to this forum, and wasn't quite sure if my reply was a PM or not ? Cheers, Dennis
  10. It will be $120 + postage. I'll get a price from my local post office today and let you know. Regards, Dennis
  11. Hi Sean, Do you mean the cost of H/phones + postage ? If so, I need to go to my local PO tomorrow, so I'll ask about postage and let you know. Is that satisfactory ? Cheers, Dennis
  12. Further information: High quality headphones from Sennheiser for a good price ( IMHO ). These 598s have a full and rich sound ( I know it's subjective of course ) and are in excellent, clean condition. Working perfectly. Will come with a brand new ( unopened ) pair of velour inserts. The existing ones are in very good condition, but I thought it would be worthwhile to have a spare set. Selling because I rarely listen through headphones. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads
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