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  1. Please disregard this post. I decided not to proceed with the purchase of the NAD.
  2. I just acquired a NAD 2200 power amp . Initially I'm going to run the pre amp section of my Rotel RA 971 Mk. II into it. However I would appreciate suggestions for a reasonably priced separate pre - amp which would be an improvement over the Rotel. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Thank you for the interesting response. I really don't have much of a grasp of electronics, but nevertheless I understand what you're saying. I think I'll stick to " known origin " brands. Cheers, Dennis
  4. Thanks for your insight, which is quite correct. You must be John, formerly of John's Hi Fi Exchange. I used to visit frequently.
  5. Hi and thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm already thinking about this combination when a valve pre comes up at a reasonable price. Cheers, Dennis
  6. Could some " wise and kindly " folks please give an opinion on the following ? I'm contemplating using my Rotel RA 971 Mk. II as a pre amp and adding a NAD 2200 power amp. Thanks, Dennis
  7. Thanks. I really don't understand what a Class D amp is, but somehow gained the impression they were inferior to standard Class A / B or Class A. Could someone please enlighten me ? Thanks, Dennis
  8. Thanks for all the replies and information. How about current Chinese SS amps ? I really don't have room for a valve amp. Dennis
  9. Hi all ; does anyone have experience with, or information about Chinese made amplifiers ? Some years ago, I had a Spark integrated valve amp, which was very good. Sold it to a mate who still uses it. I'm now thinking about a SS amp from one of the suppliers who advertises " improved clones " of well known brands. Any information would be gratefully received. Dennis
  10. Thanks. Do you think it would be a significant upgrade from my Rotel RA 971 Mk. II ?
  11. Thanks. Yes, it looks identical to the Classic.
  12. Hi, does anyone know anything about the Plessis Audio S1 integrated amp ? Thanks, Dennis
  13. I just saw an amp in the classifieds and wonder if it's any good : Plessis Audio S1 ..... ?
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