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  1. Thanks Andy, I'll keep a lookout for the Project Tube Box S2. There's also a Proton 1100 pre amp for sale on the bay for $210. Looks like it has many features, but I'm unaware of its' quality. I had the feeling that Proton products were pretty ordinary .... but I could be wrong of course. Cheers, Dennis
  2. Thanks Andy, Yes I think I'll do that. Reviews indicate that the Rega Fono Mini A2D is quite good. Would you recommend the ProJect Tube Box S2 over their Phono Box MM ? Dennis
  3. Thanks Con, I was thinking of using my Schiit Magni as " the " pre amp and buying a separate phono pre amp. These can be had for fairly low prices, as I've seen on e bay. Rega Fono Mini A2D seems to get good reviews.
  4. Thanks Con, Yes, cost is a limiting factor. I'd have to stick to under $1000, but less than $500 would be ideal ! Any suggestions please ? Dennis
  5. Thanks Mate ..... sounds like a good idea if the cost is not extravagant . Would any Melbourne member be able & willing to do this please ? Cheers, Dennis
  6. Many thanks to everyone who has replied to this topic. It's been much appreciated, and a learning curve for me. I think I've found the cause of my musical dissatisfaction : the Rotel pre amp. What alerted me to this possibility was a passing comment by the sales consultant who sold me the B&W speakers. He mentioned that the Rotel was getting on in age. It didn't sink in at the time, but this arvo I tried using my little Schiit Magni h / phone pre as a replacement for the Rotel. Incredibly, the music sprang to life and congestion disappeared ! Incredible. Now I'm going to have to look
  7. You're quite right Andy. I was enjoying the music, but since changing equipment, the enjoyment has diminished, and the sound is irritating to a degree. Of course memory is a fickle thing, but I seem to recollect that my satisfaction levels were higher when I had a couple of NADs. It's all about synergy eh ? Dennis
  8. Wimbo ; you've nailed it ! Can full - scale symphony orchestra / cathedral pipe organ be REASONABLY reproduced in the home ?
  9. Thanks Andy ; that explains it nicely. Much appreciated. Dennis
  10. Thanks to all who have responded with suggestions and recommendations. I'm still unsure of which route to take : different speakers or amp. Also whether the subbie is drawing off power, as I've interpreted some folks suggestions. My interpretation is that it's better to connect the sub from either a dedicated " sub out " ( as I used to have in a NAD C 326 BEE ) or extra " pre - out " in my pre amp, instead of using the Neutrink connection through the speaker terminals ..... ? I don't understand the purpose of the external crossover which was mentioned. The majority of res
  11. No, I realise that. I just wanted to try this experiment to hear if there was less congestion. Not really much difference. I've read lots of good reports on this Krell, however I remember hearing one years ago, and to me it sounded overly bright in the treble.
  12. Would a Krell KAV 300i do the trick with my B&Ws ? Cheers, Dennis
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