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  1. Hi Alan, Excuse my ignorance, but can the 8200 be connected directly to the power amp, and the volume controlled by its remote ? Cheers, Dennis
  2. Very good Stefano, Yes, I agree with the " fun " aspect. It's all about experimentation with the aim of improving sound without the need to buy more expensive equipment, I guess. Cheers, Dennis
  3. Thanks Stefano, Obviously there is much experimentation to be tried. I'm retired, so have time to try various methods. I'm rather surprised that you suggested placing the CDP on the bottom of the stack. I thought any weight on its' top would be detrimental to the mechanism ..... ? But I really don't know. Cheers, Dennis
  4. OK, I'll try them under cdp first, then try the speakers. If not much change, I'll get the 100mm version. Thanks, Dennis
  5. Thanks Colin, Very interesting article. In my ignorance I wasn't aware of the intricacies of a cd transport / laser assembly. Dennis
  6. Hi Gopal, Thanks for your information. The most musically engaging CD player I've heard was the Quad 67. Wish I had bought one. The overall most impressive & detailed one I've heard is Audiomeca Mephisto ... unbelievable !
  7. Hi Ian, I bought the anti vibration mats today. Got the 50mm ones, so they can be placed under the 4 feet of the equipment. My speakers are stand mounted and the stands just sit on carpet. Should I place mats under the speakers themselves or under the stands ? Cheers, Dennis
  8. Thanks Ian, Not a bad idea, and I'm going to Bunnings today anyway. I'll look for them. My Rotel pre amp sits on the top of the " entertainment " unit, and upon that is the power amp ( class D so not heavy ) and on top of that is the CD player. Should I try isolating each component ? This set up may not seem very " kosher ", but I just don't have room for another arrangement. Cheers, Dennis
  9. Hi Stefano, Thanks for your input. No, I haven't considered vibrations, but the furniture on which I have the equipment is very solid. There has been an improvement since I changed CD players. I now have a Denon DCD 800NE which is very nice. Regards, Dennis
  10. What's your opinion on an Arcam alpha 7 SE ? Thanks, Dennis
  11. Thanks Gopal, Yes, that's what seems to be happening. I recently tried a modern, cheap Yamaha which sounds quite alright and not cluttered. I'm also in the process of buying a current model Denon cdp from another SNA member. Dennis
  12. Thanks Andy, I understand what you're saying about the HP filters, so I'll try to obtain them, via the link you sent. Anyway, it looks like I've sold the Rega. I'll know by the weekend. Then I'll try to decide about another one. Cheers, Dennis
  13. Thanks Andy, I've been thinking ( this does happen sometimes ! ) that since phono sounds so good, perhaps the problem lies with my cd player. You perhaps suggested as such. So I'm now looking around for a more suitable digital source. I think I've sold the Rega ( will find out on the weekend ). Initial thoughts were another good quality sacd / cd player ( like the Denon I sold ) but they seem few and far between, and most are " universal " disc players which don't fill me with confidence. I'd prefer a dedicated cd / sacd unit. However, I only have 6 -8 sacds, so perhaps a nic
  14. Hi ; just reading this thread and it's prompted me to make a decision to put my Rega Apollo cdp up for sale. It's an older model from around 2005 - 6 and works perfectly well, but not quite my " cuppa tea ". I'll list it in Classifieds tomorrow. Dennis
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