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  1. i bought 3 but only need 2, got 1 surplus. Rarely used. Like new. Not any scratch on it
  2. Diatone


    I need to buy tubes kit for Audio research Ref 3 pre and Ref 110 power. - KT 120 or KT 88: 8 - electro harmonix 6h30pi gold - tungsol 6550 reissue thanks
  3. Top end CD player I ever heard. Bargain . Top seller Buying with confidence
  4. up for sale is Schiit Yggdrasil. It got scratches but they are glossy and really hard to see at the top as in the photo. It is Old model Analog 1 and USB 3. I will throw the Isotek Premium and Nordost Heaven USB cables into the sale
  5. It is bargain. It is one of the best streamer. Love it
  6. Bought from SNA member. It is very high standard streamer, perfect transport. It s really heavy, really big power supply. https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/bryston-bdp-2-digital-player/ User review - https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/166413/bryston-bdp-2-digital-player-review - http://www.bryston.com/PDF/Manuals/300030[BDP2].pdf
  7. The audioquest Rocket 44. the pair 2.5 meter I tried to change from bi-wire to single end. It works well now but you need to redo or go to the shop to do it for you.
  8. I will pick up today if it s available
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