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  1. talking about DSP how about software like; Sonar works room correction ?
  2. also great but only 20% off; https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/276-carmen-gomes-sings-the-blues
  3. It's ''only'' 40% off on the ! CARMEN GOMES, THOUSAND SHADES OF BLUE album but what an album it is!
  4. this is the album that started my affinity with Scandinavian jazz.
  5. 15 % off on all downloads at NativeDSD Music 15 % off on all downloads at Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment|Acoustic Sounds 50 % off on some downloads at Sound Liaison Music Shop
  6. This is all very informative. Thank you all and please do keep the advice coming.
  7. It was, but also very much appreciated!😍😘
  8. Best music for speaker placement and best speaker placement tutorial??? Having acquired a pair of Harbeth P3ESR speakers I'm having fun looking for the ultimate speaker placement. I have downloaded The Visual Sound the Sound Liaison DXD Music Sampler as it was recommended to me as being a great speaker placement tool. (Using the coupon code “XFI2019” you can download the 352DXD for $16 or the 24/ 96 files for $8.) Especially the phase coherent One Microphone recordings on the sampler seems excellent for that purpose: https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/536-sound-liaison-dxd-music-sampler On the net i.e. youtube, there are a great number of tutorials in speaker placement. Any of these you would especially recommend? https://www.harbeth.co.uk/speakers/userguide.php
  9. Harbeth P3ESR this-could-be-the-last-hi-fi-speaker-you'll-buy https://www.cnet.com/news/this-could-be-the-last-hi-fi-speaker-youll-buy/
  10. Nice idea for a thread; My favorite 8 Miles tracks. Those mentioned above would not all make it to my list.😀
  11. And were would true high end recording be without competent Jazz musicians? They seem to be the only musicians who can make a one take recording. One that does not have to be repaired and'' fixed in the mix''. No wonder jazz music is so highly represented at demos.
  12. That goes to show how hard improvising is! The other stuff is "just" reading😊
  13. One could also ask; does there exist a ''not good, non listenable" Jarrett solo album? I still have to find one😊
  14. Lucky lucky you! I have never seen one those. Did the repertoire resemble this album from the same period?;
  15. How did I not know about this one!? And it's Miles playing on a So What type tune , acoustic, in 1991. Wow! Thanks!
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