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  1. The reason for the question, i built a htpc and am using the hdmi out from the pc sent to a screen to reproduce the picture. The pc has analog 7.1 output via 3.5mm jacks which i am running to several power amps to produce the audio. Picture is okay, sound is not so good. I just liked the idea of an all in one compact package with the pc doing all the sound functions, volume control, dsp, eq etc, and the picture is output via hdmi. Now it seems i made a mistake. I want to improve the audio more than anything else. The obvious way as most of my searching has revealed is hdmi
  2. Okay, i will put a up a pic of the back. It is very difficult to tell without the schematic. How could i test them? If i removed the caps, and they are power supply smoothing caps, i might get a little noise introduced into the sound. If i removed the caps, and they are dc blocking, then the sound should go off all together. Sorry for the amateurish theory, how does it sound. Thanks.
  3. So they are for dc blocking? Why only 4 caps, it is a 7.1 chip so would have thought at least one cap for each channel, 8 caps in total at least. Thanks
  4. Hi. I have the asus H170I-PRO motherboard, which has 4 gold coloured capacitors in the bottom left hand corner. These are described as audio grade premium caps by the manufacturer. But what do they do. I thought they may be to smooth the dc power supply a little but they are some distance from the audio chip. Or are they dc blocking caps. Do you know. Many thanks.
  5. The amazon link is dead. Also, do you think i am doing it all wrong in the first place, that mobos are not capable of good sound quality, heard a lot about noisy pc's, the massive smps power supply is supposed to throw out a lot of interference as well. What are the alternatives to another mobo, such as a streamer with 5.1 analog outputs, perhaps a bluray player with analogs, or is there anything else you can think of. Thanks
  6. I am using a quad 405 power amp and using the realtek software on the mobo to control volume level and audio eq, the amp only has one input as it a power amp - Thanks. The mobo specs states " realtek alc887 8 channel HD " for the sound. This is the codec, have searched for hours but cannot find the actual chip the mobo uses. On the chip it is stamped as alc887 and nothing else. Have installed the latest drivers from the asus website, but they are labelled as being 2 years old. I have the sound output on very low, just 5% as the audio is going directly into a power amp. The amp i
  7. Hi And thanks for reading. The problem i am having is that whenever i connect my amp to any sound source equipment which uses rca connectors for the sound output, the amp works fine. Connected the amp to the Asus H170I-PRO motherboard which uses 3.5mm jacks for the sound output and i am getting crackling, static nosies I mean it is bad, really bad massive distortion. I thought that since the outer shielded / braided screening cables of a stereo 3.5mm jack cable are connected together ( and rca's are not ) there may be some ground loops developing. Is there a cure for this. Have
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