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  1. DSP crossovers and Phono Stages, share your thoughts.... It's a big compromise to the phono signal?
  2. Hello guys, thank you very much for the patience in explain everything, now I understood why it will not work the way that. I was thinking about... Many thanks again, best regards to all.
  3. Oh I see, I think I understood now, yes, try to explain in english sometimes confuse me... anyway, mids and highs from crossover output, unified by a cable splitter, into the "main in" on Luxman, will not work right? what will happen if I do this? the amp will blow heheheh? 😜
  4. I'm not understanding why the power amp on the luxman integrated will not drive the mids and highs if I send his "main in" into the mids and high on the active crossover...
  5. so the connections that i explained on the post above, with the pictures, will work? Thanks.
  6. Considering this amp as a hypothetical solution to understand if this application is viable. the input labeled main in is = power in, no?
  7. Something like this: Luxman main in goes into mids and highs outputs on the active crossover (using a cable spitter). A separated solid state amp goes into the low output on the active crossover. Luxman pre out goes into the pre amp in on the active crossover. I know that this way I will not bi-amp the mids and highs with the Luxman, I will just bi-wiring the mids and highs into the active crossover. This is Okay? will work? Will damage the equipments? I will get no sound? What will happen? Many thanks, I think I was more clear now.
  8. Understood so if if I plug the connections the way I described above, there will be no sound right?
  9. But what about Luxman “power amp in” goes into mids and highs on the active crossover (using a cable spitter). solid state amp goes into the lows on the active crossover. luxman “pre out” goes into the pre amp in on the active crossover. I know that this way I will not be bi-amping the mids and highs, this would be just bi-wire, but still using the active crossover, this can work, no?
  10. Hm.. what is the technical reason that makes unviable bi-wire the mids and highs of one amp into the active crossover? Thanks.
  11. Yes, I said wrongly, I mean bi-wire the mids and highs with the Luxman Integrated, "power in" from luxman goes into mids and highs with a cable splitter on the crossover. and also of course bi-were the mids and high from from luxman integrated into the mids and high speakers drivers. so a slid state amp will used for the bass. do you think it's worth?
  12. Yes, but Japan Post EMS or SAL registered it's just fine..
  13. Thanks for the tip, I will take a look a the buyee fees, that is advertised at the at the Yahoo Auctions website..
  14. Yes, that's my question, the possibility to use the Luxman for bi-amp the mids and highs, it's possible? so the Luxman "main in" goes to the mids and high crossover outputs, with a cable splitter. It's possible? Many thanks for the patience in teaching man, I'm very grateful.
  15. So in resume, considering your notes: the integrated "main in" connected with a cable splitter, that goes, a pair for the mid on the crossover, other pair to the highs on the crossover, this will make the integrated power the mids and highs, correct? The solid state amp just stick into the low output on the crossover. In that way, the integrated volume control, will control all drivers. Everything correct here? Thanks!
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