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  1. Just wanted ask about how the finish is on these please.
  2. It’s an integrated amp. Warranty would prob begin once it’s sold and registered. Discount abysmal at less than 20%. Don’t want to mention brand as I can understand everyone needs to make a living but surely there’s a decent mark up on these?
  3. Hi 👋 Opinions on where line should be drawn between a demo unit and used if being sold by the dealer. I think 12 months would be the outset. However I have been offered a unit that’s been on demo for 3 years.. price not reflecting the age. Warranty unsure as yet.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion of D50, I have read also about the SMSL but can’t keep up with DAC differences. The CD has coax and optical out. I’m also open to buying used or increasing budget if needed.
  5. I’m looking for a solution that will enable me to use the CD player as a transport. Any advice on a good dac under $500?
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