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  1. Item: B&W P9 Signature Headphones Location: Cranebrook, NSW Price: $849 Item Condition: As new (run in for several hours, tested for a 24 hour period then replaced in original box, comes with original tax invoice for warranty) Reason for selling: Decided to go for wireless noise-cancelling headphones + desktop speaker setup instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As-new condition B&W P9 Signature headphones - B&W's flagship headphones (RRP $1249) Purchased as a trial, run in and used for 24 hours only. Lovely warm sound signature with deep bass. Ultimately I have decided to go for wireless noise-cancelling phones instead so am selling. Comes as-new with: - Original box and tax invoice - Short cable with volume/play/pause buttons - Long cable - Carrying case Happy for you to come and audition the headphones prior to committing to purchase. Price drop to $849. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. That's really helpful, thanks heaps! Would you care to tease more about the details of this fabulous little sub?
  3. If the S350DB is not the same tier then that pretty much answers my question And good to know the low end on the S2000 goes pretty deep. It looks like Edifier offer free shipping to my address so the purchase price is not that much higher than other online vendors. Could certainly be an option for a trial.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I can find the S350DB for ~$350 and the S2000 Pro for ~$450 so not a million miles apart. I like the idea of the 2.1 setup with the extra bass extension but I worry that I'll be missing out on more detailed sound. Do you think the S2000 has sufficient bass without the sub or does it really need that boost?
  5. Considering purchasing either of these for desktop use. They seem very good value in Australia and there are a number of positive reviews out there. Does anyone have experience with either or both?
  6. They seem pretty polarising but I really like the sound - lovely and warm, good amount of bass if that's your thing. I got them via QFF points too. Having said that, thinking about selling as wireless noise-cancelling cans are more practical for my purposes.
  7. New member here from the far western reaches of Sydney. Not by any means an audiophile but have some Q Acoustics 3050s hooked up in the living room as well as a pair of B&W P9s and some Sony WH-1000XM2s.
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