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  1. The multichannel amp i got is much more powerful and got it for the purpose of powering the fronts and centre..... I would have to get another mm7025 to do the 4 atmos channels
  2. It's been great honestly just that I need more than 2 channels of amplification so it has to go. Been trying to figure out how to keep it but kind of a waste just for atmos channels....
  3. Further information: Purchased this very early this year, second hand, when I wanted more power for my fronts and to relieve the demand on my Marantz receiver at the time, since I have a complete Atmos setup. I have since upgraded my receiver and have now just upgraded my power amplifier to a multi channel amp to do the centre as well. Would honestly like to keep it but need to recoup some of the costs with all the upgrades. Sounds great and performs flawlessly. Specifications and reviews can be found online but gives 140w into 8ohms. Comes with or
  4. Hey, sorry buddy but I'm selling the Marantz...not the Denon....the Denon is from one of the other posters...
  5. Further information: Marantz SR6013 in immaculate condition. Sorry to see it go but only reason I am selling is that I had a chance to upgrade and need to recoup some of the costs. Will power 9 channels on its own so can do 9.2 channels but can process 11 channels for an extensive 11.2 Atmos/DTS-X setup if you add a 2 channel amp. Great unit and never had an issue. Comes with Audyssey Mic, Remote Control and power cable and original box. Still under warranty... Original receipt provided Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising mult
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