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  1. Nice . Like Dali speakers very much.enjoy
  2. Hello and welcome. Wish I could help.
  3. Lots of good hifi and other stuff for sale on stereonet and at great prices to.
  4. This is what I am talking about. I just want other Maggie owners opinion if they have tried it out and does it work.
  5. I owned a pair of imf rspm 7 speakers. Nothin like them I wish I had never sold them.
  6. Can anyone please tell me if those autoformer box that bill McLean sellS actually improves the sound of magnapan speakers? There’s a picture of one behind the 1.7 i above. Thanks very much
  7. Wish I could help but I am not familiar with this gear. Cheers mate
  8. Yes In hifi we always continue to learn, we make a lot of mistakes along the way as well
  9. Is cold what better to do than rag up in front of your hifi for a listen.cheers
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