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  1. Hi Jesper64, Are the remotes still available? Our dog chewed ours up and so have been using the Q BT3 speakers manually, which isn't much fun. Happy of course to pay the postage costs etc. cheers, GlennG
  2. I have had the Q BT3 for couple of years and they are very good. Great value for money and look good in white as that matches our tv/stereo cabinet. Use them for tv, vinyl, cd/blueray. and music from mobile ph . cheers,
  3. I've just joined this forum as I will be looking to upgrade hi fi later this year. Currently using Q Acoustics BT3 -103 speakers and have been very happy with them as entry level equipment. Have them hooked up to our TV, blueray/cd player and also vinyl thru our Audio Technica record player. The speakers are great for playing music from the phone by bluetooth, but much better result using wi fi. cheers, GlennG
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