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  1. I'm looking to complete my dad's hifi system so he can once again enjoy his extensive record collection. He's been without a turntable for the best part of 20 years but his medical state means he is fairly housebound now and music is a large part of his recreation these days. His system is by no means spectacular but the 90's Jamo Concerts, Denon PMA-720ae, TU-1500 (thanks for the advice everyone!) and DCD-520ae are a lively combination that are definitely a step up from your average department store bookshelf scenario. My question is this: What would be a suitable turntable in the entry/$500(ish) range that would be easy enough to use and sound reasonable? My current thinking is something along the lines of: Rega Planar 1 Pro-ject Essentials III Denon DP-300F His collection is basically 99% LPs so changing speed is not really a big deal. Stylistically it's primarily Classical with a handfull of hot jazz and folk. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Thanks heaps everybody for your replies and input! In my late night/early morning gumtree hunting I came across a black TU-1500AE up in NSW, The seller kindly agreed to box it up and ship it and it will be heading to its new home tomorrow. Everybody's advice has been much appreciated. Regards, Yuri.
  3. Hello all! I'm on the hunt for a stereo AM/FM tuner to add to my elderly father's Denon system. His receiver recently gave up the ghost and he is now sporting a PMA-720ae amplifier and a DCD-520ae CD player. He is barely past steam power when it comes to adopting modern technology and loves his ABC classical FM so I'm looking to add a fairly simple tuner that ideally fits with the style of his Amp/CD player (Network players etc would be wasted) My question is what Denon model tuner would be best suited? My googling efforts bring up a bewildering array of units. Any advice would be much appreciated. (Also if anyone is selling a suitable unit by all means get in touch). Thanks in advance, Yuri.
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