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  1. I had one of these. A great entry to the separates. found it very transparent and revealing of detail, just a little on the warm side of neutral. Liked it so much I upgraded to a P9. GLWTS
  2. Yes. I forgot about import duties🤔 What cartridge weight does your arm accommodate? In your pics it looks like you have two counterweights? My RB 300 can barely accommodate my 10 gram cartridge.
  3. Here is a pic of my Avid mount. Yes, I was looking at the Audiomods Classic which is only about $1200. I'd consider yours though as another option.
  4. My setup is exactly like the second picture. There is a template/board that the Rega arm attaches to via three screws. I was thinking about upgrading the Rega arm weights with Michell ones, but may just upgrade the whole arm instead.
  5. I have an Avid Diva with an Avid tonearm which is some slight variation on an RB300. Is an Audiomod arm a straightforward drop in replacement?
  6. Item: Nu Force HAP-100 preamp/headphone amp Location: Southbank, Melbourne Price: $400 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent condition. Little use as shortly after I bought it I found a NuForce P8 at a bargain price. I have no remote for this. On/off and input selection is made by pressing the volume knob in. This is a sweet little preamp and sad to see it go but it isn't being used. I have the original box for it but prefer pickup. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/nuforce-hap-100-headphone-amplifierpreamplifier/ https://www.tonepublications.com/review/nuforce-hap-100-headphone-amplifier/ I have little feedback here but have excellent feedback as moby-dick64 on Ebay. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Focal Aria 906 stand-mount speakers Location: Southbank, Melbourne Price: 950.00 Item Condition: Excellent - no blemishes and not abused Reason for selling: NLR have upgraded. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these new about 3 years ago. They are in excellent cosmetic condition and I haven't been played very loudly. I have the original packing carton but prefer pick-up. Happy to demonstrate if desired. Selling as I have recently upgraded my speakers and turntable and need to pay off my credit card before the wife finds out! Have a few other items I'll be listing too. What HiFI 5-star review https://www.whathifi.com/focal/aria-906/review and TAS http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/focal-aria-906-compact-loudspeaker/ I haven't sold here before but have an excellent repo on Ebay as moby-dick64. Donation to SNA upon sale. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Back in the 90's I bought a pair of Lowther PM6A's that were in shabby condition - cost me $700. The walnut vinyl wrap was peeling off the Acousta 115 cabinets and the driver surrounds we almost non existent - they were so wrotten. I had new surrounds put on the drivers and I painted the cabinets pink. Then I had to get myself a valve amp as Lowthers dont like SS. I ended up getting a good deal on a Audio Note OTO SE (parallel single ended 6BQ5 - 9 watts). It was a glorious sound and I stuck with that combo for 25 years. So the Lowther's were my best buy as they introduced me to high efficiency drivers and valve amps.
  9. I prefer to buy VGC second-hand for up to $15 than new for $40 - $50. Sometimes I buy a $50 LP and then find I don't like it so much. If I do that with a $12 LP it's no great loss. I can afford to check out stuff I am not so familiar with if I'm only dropping a small amount on a purchase. I've picked up some fantastic LPs by just taking a punt. Sometimes I win - sometimes I lose, but I also just enjoy ferreting through record stores for LPs that you just can't buy anymore.
  10. Going by the kit you've got, you've got sufficient funds to just try it, and see if it does or not. Look forward to your observations. In my experience, the answer is no. In fact, the best option is no crossover and just go full-range.
  11. I think the miniwatts sound pretty good, and Australian made tubes in general I think are underated. Probably not on the radar of the Americans and English at all. Over the years I've picked up quite a few Mullards, Miniwatt and Brimars in 2nd hand shops. But, the best 12AU7's and 12AX7's I've ever found are vintage Telefunken's, if you can find some still. So rich, detailed and warm.
  12. Agree - slow down. The speakers are not ideal for the space - I think you would have been better off with some smaller bookshelf speakers on stands so you could position them better. However, I assume you are relatively young and are likely to move, and who knows what the next residence will offer up in terms of space and layout. In my experience, the two bits of kit that have the greatest influence on overall sound are the amp and the speakers. As you like the speakers, I think the next bit of kit to upgrade is your amp. I suggest looking for a good quality integrated amp with a good quality phono stage built in. I suggest looking/waiting for an Audiolab 8000A (England built, not the later Chines built ones). It is neutral in sound, will drive your speakers easily, and has a good phono stage built in. As well as the Audiolab, I'd suggest a quality English amp from Rega, Creek, Cambridge, Cyrus or Arcam. You should also, if you can, bring the speakers away from the walls a bit. Even 20cm is better than nothing. The cabinet where you have the turntable is going to vibrate from the speakers. You want to try to isolate the turntable from the cabinet vibrations, or move the turntable to something that won't resonate. For isolation you can buy different bits of hi-fi specific isolation material, but you could try something you have lying around to see if you can hear any difference. For example, try some blue tac, or soft rubber. Or maybe you have a concrete paver in the garden you could try. Other things you can change with a good bang-for-buck ration are interconnects. If you are using the cheap ones that came with your amp etc. ditch them. You'd be better off with some $20 ones from Jaycar, or look on Ebay. And speaker cable can make a big difference. Anyway, plenty of cheap and significant changes you can try whilst you have a think and wait for the next bit of irresistible kit.
  13. I'm an analogue kinda guy. My heart says 'valves'' but my brain says 'SS'. Valves sound great to my ear, but I like leaving my gear on all the time. I often have the HiFi on all day providing background music. SS seems more practical than using expensive NOS valves just for background music. When I decided to stop replacing bits every few months and just enjoy the music I settled on an Audio Note Oto SE and some Lowther Acousta cabinets with PM6A's, supplemented by a big sub. I was using an Pioneer 802 CD player (remember those stable platter upside down things?) and an old Dual 505. I did me fine for two decades. Then the Audio Note self-destroyed itself (power supply blew up), so I packed it and the Lowther's away for when I could afford to fix/replace the amp. I bought an old Audiolab 8000 and some ProAc tablettes. That was fine for a couple of years. I decided I liked the no-fuss of SS and decided I'd stay with SS. I got a Rega Elex-R and some Focal 906 speakers, and a new Project turntable. Recently I bought a Bluesound streamer and I've been using it with Tidal. Having access to a vast catalogue of music has got me enthusiastic about HiFi again. I decided to try a separate pre-power combo. I've recently bought a Nuprime ST-10 because I wanted to try Class D. I wanted to use a valve pre, but I couldn't find a half-width valve pre with remote that I was in love with, so I got a Nuforce HAP100 for the time being. It looks good - but I tried the Rega Elex-R as a pre and it's heaps better than the Nuforce. A used Nuforce P8 pre is in the mail, but if it doesn't float my boat I will try a valve pre. I've also updated the sub to a B&W SV and it's much better, and smaller. I bought a Chinese clone of an EAR valve phono - It is surprisingly good (with Telefunken 12AX7's doing the work). I'm looking forward to a beer later and spinning some records. Lately I've been getting into Faces and early Rod Stewart, and John Mayall.
  14. I also have a Rega Elex-R. It's a nice sounding amp with a decent phono stage. My speakers are Focal 906 bookshelf jobs (89dB, easy load) I've just replaced it with a pre-power combo. A Nuprime ST-10 power amp and a budget Nuforce HAP-100 pre-amp. It's better than the Rega, but not heaps better. It sounds great using the Rega as the pre into the Nuprime though. A better pre-amp is on it's way ! I still need to upgrade my interconnects and balanced ones will be an option, so might do that.
  15. Hi everyone. I'm mobydick. My HiFi journey started in the 90's with some pretty basic SS gear, but it didn't take long before I was on the never ending quest for the holy grail. In just a few years I'd become hard-core and graduated to ME and Magnaplanars, then Audio Note, Lowthers, dumpster diving for 60's throwaways, slow drive-bys on hard rubbish day in case anyone threw out some tube gear or Quad ESLs. Pretty soon I realised I was spending my time listening to HiFi and not enjoying the music. It was then I declared 'I'm an audiholic' and decided to stop chasing that elusive better high(fi). So I just kicked back for a decade, bought a Dual 504 at an RSPCA fete for $60, and rediscovered all my 70's vinyl. The Audio Note died and I went back to SS - an old Audiolab 8000A and some old ProAc tablettes - but I was back enjoying the music. Now I've rehabilitated myself back to listening to music, I just bought a streaming device (Bluesound node2 or something like that) and I've got the bug again...been digging around for my collection of 12AX7's and the soldering iron to repair some RCA interconnects I should have fixed a decade ago...- here I go again.
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