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  1. I'm an analogue kinda guy. My heart says 'valves'' but my brain says 'SS'. Valves sound great to my ear, but I like leaving my gear on all the time. I often have the HiFi on all day providing background music. SS seems more practical than using expensive NOS valves just for background music. When I decided to stop replacing bits every few months and just enjoy the music I settled on an Audio Note Oto SE and some Lowther Acousta cabinets with PM6A's, supplemented by a big sub. I was using an Pioneer 802 CD player (remember those stable platter upside down things?) and an old Dual 505. I did me fine for two decades. Then the Audio Note self-destroyed itself (power supply blew up), so I packed it and the Lowther's away for when I could afford to fix/replace the amp. I bought an old Audiolab 8000 and some ProAc tablettes. That was fine for a couple of years. I decided I liked the no-fuss of SS and decided I'd stay with SS. I got a Rega Elex-R and some Focal 906 speakers, and a new Project turntable. Recently I bought a Bluesound streamer and I've been using it with Tidal. Having access to a vast catalogue of music has got me enthusiastic about HiFi again. I decided to try a separate pre-power combo. I've recently bought a Nuprime ST-10 because I wanted to try Class D. I wanted to use a valve pre, but I couldn't find a half-width valve pre with remote that I was in love with, so I got a Nuforce HAP100 for the time being. It looks good - but I tried the Rega Elex-R as a pre and it's heaps better than the Nuforce. A used Nuforce P8 pre is in the mail, but if it doesn't float my boat I will try a valve pre. I've also updated the sub to a B&W SV and it's much better, and smaller. I bought a Chinese clone of an EAR valve phono - It is surprisingly good (with Telefunken 12AX7's doing the work). I'm looking forward to a beer later and spinning some records. Lately I've been getting into Faces and early Rod Stewart, and John Mayall.
  2. I also have a Rega Elex-R. It's a nice sounding amp with a decent phono stage. My speakers are Focal 906 bookshelf jobs (89dB, easy load) I've just replaced it with a pre-power combo. A Nuprime ST-10 power amp and a budget Nuforce HAP-100 pre-amp. It's better than the Rega, but not heaps better. It sounds great using the Rega as the pre into the Nuprime though. A better pre-amp is on it's way ! I still need to upgrade my interconnects and balanced ones will be an option, so might do that.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm mobydick. My HiFi journey started in the 90's with some pretty basic SS gear, but it didn't take long before I was on the never ending quest for the holy grail. In just a few years I'd become hard-core and graduated to ME and Magnaplanars, then Audio Note, Lowthers, dumpster diving for 60's throwaways, slow drive-bys on hard rubbish day in case anyone threw out some tube gear or Quad ESLs. Pretty soon I realised I was spending my time listening to HiFi and not enjoying the music. It was then I declared 'I'm an audiholic' and decided to stop chasing that elusive better high(fi). So I just kicked back for a decade, bought a Dual 504 at an RSPCA fete for $60, and rediscovered all my 70's vinyl. The Audio Note died and I went back to SS - an old Audiolab 8000A and some old ProAc tablettes - but I was back enjoying the music. Now I've rehabilitated myself back to listening to music, I just bought a streaming device (Bluesound node2 or something like that) and I've got the bug again...been digging around for my collection of 12AX7's and the soldering iron to repair some RCA interconnects I should have fixed a decade ago...- here I go again.
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