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  1. Thats perfect actually, the rear absorber panel is 1800 wide, a 50mm slat would give us 38 positions. definitely easy enough to use a coin toss and see what comes up. i have access to table saws so ripping timber doesn't worry me, probably more piece of mind so they don't rattle Would you recommend removing the first reflection point absorbers or trying a BAD on them also? FYI i have 6 x 600x600 QRD's going on the ceiling mid ceiling between the MLP and speakers also, just working out the best way to hang it. Theres more than 2m between that spot and the listening posi
  2. When I say “awesome” I’m referring to the bass 😛 the mains have lots of work both with the room and potentially changing the mains/amps later. I have a ghetto 13 band EQ I can play with in the AVR as well. Paul did the sub integration remote session a couple weeks ago to set up the ultimax’s so they are already optimized for the room (I’ve attached what I have from REW in the rooms latest form). I was getting flat from 10hz-60hz with no HPF, we settled on a 15hz HPF and 8db of boost on the config I’m using through the miniDSP. in terms of bass, I have the frequency res
  3. hi Mike, no bad feelings whatsoever really appreciate your advice on this. The REW measurements supports your assertions such that effective base absorption with 100mm of XHD with air gaps doesn't do anything below 100hz (100hz is much less effective than say 150hz). It has made the room reverb between 150hz and 20khz flat, this took a lot of getting used to as I was used to the room coloration before. I have 100mm thick XHD in the 4 vertical corners, due to room aesthetics/speaker placement they are 680mm in the front and 550mm wide in the rear. My LR sp
  4. Don’t give me the credit mate! I had Paul at Red Spade make these up for me after doing some consultation on the room and targets. I believe he will make this a standard design going forward as it’s come out quite beautiful. the boxes are around 550mm cube with height at 600mm, they run off a crown XLS2502 amp and are finished in a matte black paint. The grills have recessed magnets in them to affix to the box.
  5. Thanks for the tips Mike, the room layout was in consultation with Paul at Red Spade, the next step would be to try some DIY slat diffuser overlays on the panels and see if the sound is preferable. I have dual XHD50 traps in every corner but this really stops impacting attenuation below 80-100hz so there’s that eventually to attend to. The couch is around 1.2m into a 5m room, the bass response is pretty much flat from 15-70hz, I can’t really move it forward without impacting the viewing distance I’ve designed for the screen (plus some aesthetic reasons with the side door)
  6. Tbh the rear wall absorber got rid of a terrible slap echo I had between the front and rear walls, made a huge difference especially speech intelligibility but yes it’s killed some liveliness. I only sit around 1m from the rear wall, the next project is to do some DIY slat diffusers that will overlay the absorbers to create a combi panel and see how we go.
  7. It’s been a bit since I posted this, I have a dual ultimax setup tuned with a mini DSp now. I have also removed the middle sidewall absorber. Just have to install diffusers on the ceiling and I’ll leave it there for now.
  8. Hi all, I have been in the process of treating my room with DIY acoustic panels using XHD panels and some Artnovion Diffusers and wanted to get some advice from those more knowledgeable on the before and after measurements and initial impressions. To treat, i made the following; 4 bass traps using 2 XHD50mm sheets straddling corners Rear wall XHD50 panel Sidewall XHD50 panels x 3 each side Rear diffusers above absorption panel REW FR, Waterfall and RT60 before and afters (these measurements and L+R+SW, no room correction);
  9. Further information: Single pack of Absorb XHD50 in black (6x 2400x1200 sheets). only needed two but MOQ is 3 packs. Perfect for DIY acoustic panels or bass traps. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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