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  1. The one ting That is funny about music... Is to discover new artists and stuff. I don't stop finding new, tho I have some old records that I love...
  2. My Journey in music startet with pop, Heavy and grunge.. But my preference in music is always evolving. Today I listen alot to singer songwriter, classics, alternative and progressive rock and progressive tecno, progressive metal. Most of it not mainstream at all... I don't know why someone has a brain and ear for music while other just listen to the base. Some people admire art and performance, some don't...
  3. My point was that all hifi power cables are not silly expensive. There is cheaper alternatives..
  4. Me I had a big change with very notable less noise... I changed from Class A/AB to Class D. That made me believe in shielded power cables without ever owning one. Because the lack of noise in a good class D is stunning... I didn't even KNOW I had noise...
  5. Supra Swedish shielded power cables with ground costs what? 20-35$ for 2meter. As in all hifi there are cheaper and silly expensive solutions... I think we should precise this, even Audioquest sell some cheaper power cables.
  6. I am ok. The EMI interference can be proved with a meter. It's not woodoo.
  7. Check out AC/DC not the band. And then stop talking about the grid around the world... Same goes for Ethernet cables and talking about the web around the world. It's the Dac that is critical... It ain't alot of Dacs around the servers or?.. Power has big fields of EMI, TVs, Bluetooth antennas, radio, routers and computers.... It's infact science... Can be proven by meters in your home, but difficult to measure IN music with affordable gear...
  8. Xindak and Music Angel? I have no idea..
  9. I want to add an opinion about the CD versus BD transport to Dac... Yes it is relatively easy to run CD on a BD player. I just want to add that a BD player is multifunctional... CD,BD, USB etc Hdmi.. This costs money, where they cut costs vary.... For the more expensive Sony bd Panasonic's bd and Pioneer BD I think they do a good job on CD.. But for a multi functional BD player 300+ it's logical to think that a CD player 300-500 gives more on laser, Dac, signalway, and tray, power. I heard some say that BD laser? Is more resolving? I have heard that both the speed and the laser is easyer on CD player.. The mechanism is trickyer on bd. I don't remember the technical issues.
  10. Nad I've got is a killer budget on good CD recordings... Sony bd can't compare here... But on the other hand, Sony is great on bad recordings and CDs with issues in the mix. Due to the DSEE HX chip...
  11. I recommend both a bluray and CD player if you can. A better Sony, or a Pioneer or Panasonic's. Matters to Know if you need Sacd only Pioneer and Sony has sacd. I really like Nad cd, I have a discontinued NAD c516bee I'm sure the new is just as good.
  12. Supra and Audioquest has some cheap power cables... But there is some super expensive I understand that.
  13. Shielding should not be neglected. In audio this is Alfa and Omega.
  14. Thanks. I change easy dac with my Logitech remote... Burr brown is more neutral, and nice especially for some music, Sony is master on bad recording. Sigma Delta is super on good quality mixes..
  15. I'm sorry for my nickname ="capabilities" What I meant to say, is that you are very certain about "facts" you don't know about. Dacs wary very much of preferances or specs, or personal opinion. And music styles. They act and behave different, it's very easy to hear when switching. That's why I Joked with your "capabilities"
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