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  1. It's not about the money, tho it's in fact some crazy expensive cables out there. But it's cheap good alternatives, like Supra that the Engineers in Audio Bacon recommend for 20-40 bucks or Bjc or Qed performance, or Audioquest forest.... The point is that theese takes audio performance seriously.... Don't fall into the Snake oil propaganda from the propellarheads. Check for yourself take an old tired Denon cd rack player and compare with the hi Rez on a new good Dac with a freebee cable. (The hi Rez and the new expensive Dac for your pc should sound WAY better, but it doesn't) I've done this myself several times, there is tons of real people both on usb and Ethernet on the YouTube that's done the same.. not only the Audio bacon Engineers... This was how I grapped the difference. My Supras cost me 20 and 27 bucks short and longer.... So before you freak out and scream snake oil! I have analogue rca and speaker cable, and Hdmi that cost me over 120$ each. The 20$ Supras Ethernet is the winner, knock down difference compared!!! This is important since the non believers always say ok on analogue rca and speaker cables/it may be a difference (even if they don't really mean that) but-No!! On 0 and 1ns.... The fact is that the generic Ethernet from the mall and freebees is pure garbage... That's a fact, and it's published by cheap blue jeans cables test on the paper with measurements....
  2. You can have a buffer and all like the Engineer Ted in PS says, but right in the Dac converting to analogue music the JITTER creeps right back in again in the result.....
  3. The big point.. Nothing matters until the DAC. The Data is intact... Only loss of signal or stuttering. But in the Dac you try to turn digital codes to analogue true sound... And that is highly problematic, even if objectists think it's a walk in the park. It's not, it's very complicated and difficult. It doesn't get better with free cables made from child labour, aluminium and twisted with no shield... It's like asking for problems... It's hilarious that people with mid and high end speakers put crap Lan cable in the wall and router and think they get golden sound out...
  4. The problem with the poor cable is revealed in the Dac. That's the point. I thought I used a wide brush or spraycan.... Metaphor. How hard can it be? Jitter, noise from Router, TV, general power cable salad, subwoofer.m, Laptop.. put poorly bandwidth and no shield twisted strands on top of that... The result is guaranteed mediocre streamed music, and an old cd player or usb stick sounds great compared. But I understand that many don't mind. Music comes out....after all.
  5. Of course I don't talk about the speed of Ethernet???? I talk about timing errors in the prosess of "Digital to Analogue Converter". I think you misunderstood what I meant about timing? It has nothing to do with the speed of internet, tho good bandwidth is positive... Nothing really matters untill the Dac, but here payback is a witch. Lucky for you that can't hear a crappy Ethernet cable... I hear it, and Supras cost me 20 and 25 bucks plus post.
  6. https://darko.audio/2014/12/global-feedback-can-ethernet-cables-make-a-difference/
  7. That's why Goggle map and printers don't suffer, they have all the time they need. And it doesn't affect the results.
  8. Sorry this is wrong, that is the point. We can agree to disagree. This is why Printer, GPS is different totally from music..... Noise creates jitter and time errors. It's not that the signal, Data is lost,it's that the Dac times it wrong.
  9. But I agree no data is lost! Not in printers, not in Music. The difference is that audio results in music is sensitive to time errors and noise/EMI. Try to scan your router with an EMI meter? It screams louder than a big FM radio. This is what annoys me with IT people and Objectists. -If A printer does it perfect in 4 minutes!! -How can music be affected by a freebe Ethernet cable when the printer photo is perfect.? 4 minutes for 2-3 photos printed may sound like very little... But it's a very big difference, 4 minutes is an eternity, compared to music, especially instrumental and vocal. Where we want it to sound real and analogue... And yeah data and 0-1 is there, what matters in music is noise and timing.
  10. Exactly no data is lost. That's what I said, but the timing error is critical, this also lead to jitter. And noise goes easily from router and into the dac.
  11. Me also wouldn't buy a Ethernet cable for 500+. But whats important is not the price, but that you pay attention to Ethernet and USB, shielding and bandwidth... Because it's not as easy as 0-1. Mostly because generic Walmart and freebees Ethernet is of awful quality. Good for a printer, who has all the time in the world. But not for music that matters with near nanoseconds timing and jitter. You get the data alright, but compared to the printer it's much more difficult with music...
  12. Thanks. I change easy dac with my Logitech remote... Burr brown is more neutral, and nice especially for some music, Sony is master on bad recording. Sigma Delta is super on good quality mixes..
  13. I'm sorry for my nickname ="capabilities" What I meant to say, is that you are very certain about "facts" you don't know about. Dacs wary very much of preferances or specs, or personal opinion. And music styles. They act and behave different, it's very easy to hear when switching. That's why I Joked with your "capabilities"
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