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  1. Thanks very much for thinking of my setup, Kevin- it is much appreciated. Unfortunately, after much discussion with the boss, I'm limited to bookshelf speakers. I've done quite a bit of auditioning - including of the LS50s you recommended, which were terrific. The winner for my ears was the Dynaudio Evoke 20. It costs a bit more than I was hoping to spend so now need to decide whether it is worth the extra cost. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the tips and recommendations @Irek. I'll have a look at those amplifier brands to find a product to demo within my $2k price range.
  3. Thanks @Irek. Have you had the chance to compare the Dynaudio Excites with the Evoke?
  4. Thanks very much for all of the above, Kevin- I've got a lot to think about and a lot of demo'ing to do. Your Paradigm speakers look terrific. I understand why they are a winner with the family! Cheers
  5. Thanks very much for your feedback, Kevin. Your setup looks terrific. Will take a lot of convincing to get agreement for floorstanders. Which ones are you using? They blend in very nicely and don't look like they take up much space. Will give the KEFs a try. Cheers
  6. Thanks very much @hopefullguy - those prices for the bookshelf and centre speakers are very good. Would prefer to buy in Melbourne as dealing with any problems will be easier. Those prices will be useful in negotiations no doubt though. Will keep my eyes on the classifieds for an svs sub. Cheers
  7. Hi all My plan is to setup a 5.1 surround sound HT system in my living room (approx. 5.5m x 5.7m. Although, the room is open plan with kitchen for a total space of 9.2m x 5.7m). I'd also like to be able to listen to music in really good stereo quality as part of the system. I listen to most styles besides electronic based music. Favourites are metal and classic rock. Been reading the forum and doing research and have an idea about a setup that might work within my budget (around $8k). I'd be grateful for your views on (a) the below setup, and (b) whether $ are being attributed effectively to the pieces that will have the greatest impact on sound quality: (1) AV receiver for surround sound movies. Looking at Denon x3500h/x3600h or marantz sr5013 or sr5014 for the better room calibration vs say the marantz nr1609- are these receivers worth the extra spend? I already have an xbox one and a NAS that contain the content. Spend - $1.5k. (2) Integrated amplifier for music listening. Will need to have a HT bypass function so that the front L/R speakers can be used in both the surround and stereo contexts. Would also be good if the amp had a built-in DAC as most of my listening will be from Spotify/Tidal and I plan to setup a Raspberry PI to stream this content. Looking at a Music Fidelity M3si or similar. Spent - $2k (3) Bookshelf L and R speakers (no room for floorstanders). Will need to do more demo'ing but the Dynaudio Excite x18 sounded really good to me and a real step up from speakers in a lower price bracket. Spend - $2k (4) Centre speaker - will need to match the L and R speakers Spent - $800 (5) Surround speakers need to be ceiling mounted due to space limitations. As such, I'd like the speakers to have a back box to minimise sound dispersion in the floor above and also to protect the speakers. Looking at the Krix Hemispherix AS- they fall within my price range and I understand these speakers will only be used for special effects so don't need a bigger speaker. Spend - $700 (6) a subwoofer will ideally be able to be connected to the AV receiver through an LFE connection and also separately to the integrated stereo amplifier so that it can be used for both movies and music. It looks to me that the SVS SB-1000 or REL T5i might fit the bill from a connections standpoint. Also, I expect that these smaller subwoofers will be fine for the smallish room it will be used in. Spend - $1k. I'm interested in you views. Cheers
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