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  1. So what measurements are you comparing or referring to? I'm a little confused to what your comparing, or "all measurements have shown" ? From what your saying a coat hanger or below doesn't show any visibly audio ranges, but compared to Tara labs it possibly could?
  2. We weren't testing in ultrasonic frequencies, as what would be the point above 20kz? But the frequencies we played around with were a lot cleaner looking than the cheap speaker cable we tested...
  3. Well this is from about 20 years ago.. but we tried simple sine tones at certain frequencies and you could see the difference between our modified cable and normal speaker cable that we compared it against.
  4. I have so many questions about this, after trying something very similar to this many many years ago with people thinking I was weird. But the CRO showed the signal was a lot cleaner.. What is the wiring configuration? All positive wired together or intertwined to cancel induced noise/separation? Is each pair of cat6 cable the same length for time alighment and all that other black magic? Soldered or crimped? The tech in me wants to know what do the experts/engineers think or believe in regards to skin effect, opposing polarity cancelling noise and all that.. or is that going to open a big can of worms?
  5. Hi Maz4bz, Yes.. I do like the Alpine.. I come from a car steteo interest before home theatre.. also loved the JL Audio and Focal subs.. But I think I might go the Marty route this time.. only confusion is that I have found different dimensions for the MartyCube.. being either 2 ft x 2 ft x 25.5 inch OR 2ft x 24 inch base? One saying net volume of 4.75c.f and one with 5.1c.f.. and larger port as well.. I assume they are tweaking for slightly different tuning and results.. and going from everything I have read so far.. bigger is better by the looks of it..
  6. Yes.. i think your recommendation might be the go.. Did you have the 15" or 18" sub? I had a look at some more sizes and the 18" enclosure recommendation is about 8 cu ft.. a little on the bigger size in case of the waf.. Now I just need the specs of the Marty cube.. and hide some money from the missus.. 🤐
  7. Yes, I saw the pics on the Marty site and probably looking at either the Marty cube or the mini Marty version for the waf factor.. the full Marty is a bit too big especially if I make two of them.. I was looking at the UM18-22 if going all out.. and either what loudspeaker recommends for the enclosure or the Marty depending on delivery charges? Or if I can get exact dimensions building my own box. Go hard or go home I say.. especially before she finds out.. or is it ask for forgiveness not permission?
  8. Hello Wozza_lee, Thanks for replying, but if i can ask why you recommend the Marty but not using them now? We're you able to get better or lower response from 15" subs instead? I have been given the "do whatever you want" from the minister, but don't quite think she knows what that actually means in regards to the size of these things.. I built a 15" housewrecker ages ago and that didn't quite go down so well.. The loudspeaker website has specs for sealed and ported for the Dayton, but the Marty does seem a little bit bigger.. Cheers..
  9. Hi there, Long time reader, first time poster.. Looking for people who have built either of the 12/15 inch versions of these subs, or the smaller Marty subwoofers (can't have larger ones because of the WAF factor) and your thoughts either good or bad? I'm looking at building at least one of these (or two) for a home theatre system, but also listen to plenty of music. Also looking at the minidsp 2x4 HD for multiple sub control. I'm not an engineer so please be gentle, but i do know how to spell AV. Reading lots of info and seems rew and calibration Mic are also on my list to buy. But mainly after people experiences on which they built and if they are still happy with it. Cheers.
  10. Hi there, Newbie from sunny hailed bushfired Canberra.. Just found out that you need to post to get access to the classifieds.. so hopefully this works. Looking for people that know a bit about the minidsp 2x4 HD, and also looking at maybe building a decent 12/15 inch home theatre subwoofer, as I can't afford the SVS or REL subs that I really want to buy. Cheers.
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