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  1. Hey Andrew. Im very glad too! As it sounds fantastic.. beyond what i expected Thanks so much.
  2. Hey Muon N' Thanks so much for your help and interest. I managed to solve the issue, it ended up being a driver problem. I found the driver on a random website in the end.
  3. Solved offline with a friend. Thank you anyway. Hey all. I recently bought a musiland digital times pci sound card from stereonet classifieds. Im having no luck getting this thing working. Im hoping someone has some experience installing this card in particular and could offer some advice/assistance getting it working. I have installed the driver from the cd that came with the device. The device is recognised as a digital media control or something in windows device manager, but says there is no driver. Im somewhat concered that it may be faulty as there is no red light emitting from the optical port of the card when plugged into the pci slot so i am assuming its not getting power? Im a complete newb when it comes to installing computer components. (Using windows 10 and gigabyte b360m matx motherboard)
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