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  1. It’s all good @AudioTrends, the info you shared is much appreciated.
  2. Thanks @AudioTrends. At least now I know the model. Still can’t find any info online though. It’s almost unbelievable that there’s hardly any info on subsonic on the web especially considering their quality and the fact that they’re locally made.
  3. Still waiting for a response from Duncan. In the meantime I’ve also inboxed @AudioTrends here on SNA. Hopefully one of them will come through.
  4. @BuzzzFuzzz @Paul66 thank you for the info. I’ll shoot Duncan an email now and I’ll try audio trends too if that does work. cheers, Gabriel.
  5. I’ve done the searching countless times and I think I can confirm there’s no info on these particular speakers online. I have also tried calling the phone number printed on all their speakers but I got no response. My hope is that someone has owned/seen them before. FYI: the seller didn’t know anything about them as he was selling for an older family member. And if it helps, the other speakers in the package are PC1 center and PR1 surrounds.
  6. The second photo is of the slave which has nothing but the speakon connection I don’t think I’m curious enough to wanna open them up. I was just hoping someone might know what it is and hopefully share some info on them. Thank you.
  7. Hey there, I’ve been researching on these speakers as I have a 5.0 set I picked up on the second hand market a couple of years ago. I’ve been enjoying them but I have a problem identifying the model number of the front speakers. They don’t have any labels on them and as much as I love them, I just can’t get over the fact that I don’t know what they are. Every search I’ve done so far has been fruitless. They have one mid driver on top then a tweeter and two powered bass drivers with a port between them. Both left and right signals/cables connect to one of the s
  8. Thanks for the info. It’s nice to learn a few more things in regards to the ferro fluid. None of the domes has been punctured. These speakers were made well before my time but every day listening to them has been a pleasure and I’ve learnt a lot about the technology of the time. the foam surround on the 600Ds was replaced by the original owner. It’s still foam though(not rubber). The original owner said he bought his for just under $1000 (which in today’s dollar would be about 5 times the buying price). It’s nice to have someone else confirm the price range.
  9. Further information: Any RTR Lovers/collectors out there? I have for sale two pairs of vintage RTR speakers. I bought the 600D a few years ago and fell in love with them turning me into some sort of RTR collector. I would not be offering these for sale were it not for the impending move. The bad: *veneer at the bottom and top of all speakers have stripped. *There’s a small hole in the cloth grill of one of the 600D. *grill Velcro of one of the 300D doesn’t hold straight creating a warp(hardly visible from the front). *some dust cone
  10. Further information: Excellent working and cosmetic condition. Great sound, Two channels, 100watts per channel at 8ohms I’ve been using it to run some RTR600D with great results. Prefer local pickup as I have no original box. It comes with Original remote. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you
  11. Further information: Final price drop. I’ll ship them if they don’t sell at this price. All speakers are in excellent condition and were wall mounted in our home theatre but one sub got bumped onto something during a recent move (courtesy of an inexperienced removalist.) this caused some damage on the cloth of the front cover. (See last four photos). The sub itself is in great condition. The system consists of; Three kl-650-THX LCR kl-525-THX (pair) ks-525-THX (pair) kw-120-THX Subwoofers (pair) One KA-1000-THX Subwoofer amplifier
  12. Further information: I’m selling two pairs of Klipsch to-500sa Atmos Speakers. They are in excellent condition and are unmarked. I bought them brand new on 30/06/2020 and still have the original boxes for easy shipping. they feature a switchable crossover allowing them to be used as upfiring(Atmos) speakers or just as normal surrounds. I prefer to sell them together unless I get two buyers interested in a pair each. price is for both pairs. Only selling as I’ll be moving overseas. Check my other ads for other good quality item
  13. Further information: I’m selling my beloved Klipsch thx ultra2 7.2 system as I’m moving overseas. All speakers are in excellent condition and were wall mounted in our home theatre but some got some superficial scratches during a recent move courtesy of an inexperienced removalist. The system consists of; Three kl-650-THX LCR kl-525-THX (pair) ks-525-THX (pair) kw-120-THX Subwoofers (pair) One KA-1000-THX Subwoofer amplifier Wall mounts included for all speakers apart from the Center and subs of course. also comes
  14. Once you send the money and give me your address I’ll post them with express post first thing Monday morning. Thanks
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