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  1. There are so many options in the price bracket, I'm sure @Bengineer will have all kinds of excellent recommendations. Even with a DAC/Amp I can think of plenty of great options! What are you listening to? Streaming services? CDs? Records?
  2. I feel like this would be a software update - it's just upgrading an already present feature as opposed to adding something new. It would be hard to package as something desirable for a new model I'd wager, as opposed to a firmware update. Then again, it is Sony...
  3. I've been using a BTR5 with my Pixel 3XL with iems, but I'd like something overear for those days when I;m not in the mood to deal with the cables. I've demoed the Nuraphones and thought they sounded okay (the design doesn't bother me). I'm curious to try the Drop THX Pandas, but I'm not keen on the price tag to just take a punt.
  4. The ability to connect to multiple devices at once via Bluetooth is another reason to consider the XM4 over the XM3 for some. EDIT - I see some people above have already mentioned this!
  5. As someone who games/streams with his headphones and also listens to music - ^^^^^^ This would be the pick for solo gaming. I use a paid of the much-maligned Sennheiser HD700s which are excellent for positional audio. If yo're looking for headphones to upgrade to for listening to music, it really depends on the kinds of music you're listening to. Focal Clears are a great pick if you can find them at the right price, the LCD2C is also a great headphone to upgrade to if you're in the market for a big ol' planar sound. I have the LCD2C and LCD2Closed and they're nice headp
  6. I heard elsewhere Glenn's wait times are insane atm.
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