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  1. How does the Studio Six compare to the Oblivion in your opinion? Was thinking of saving up for one, but you're comments about the Studio Six have me questioning my resolve...
  2. I'm in the same boat as @Bengineer - keen as a bean to try a pair of these out, but I need balanced for my setup. GLWS!
  3. I've tried a few cable upgrades auditioning instore - the most noticeable difference is if you move to a cable that has less microphonics. Otherwise, I've found the difference minimal.
  4. The Sony ones are great. Sound good, noise cancellation is good. Not at the same level as Bose, which I use for flying (Mine are the in ear QC20i models). But if you're going to use them outside of a plane, then the Sony has a really good app for everyday use. Has anyone tried out the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANCs?
  5. I run a Jot Multibit and it's great with plenty of power for the price - but to me, the amp is not as transparently analytical as the THX offerings, so that's something to keep in mind if that's important to you. I've heard the Clears with the Jot Balanced version at a store here in Melbourne and it's a good pairing for the cost. For BNC input, the Benchmark everybody has previously mentioned is the only one I'm aware of in recent memory that has it stock. Can't comment on the Aeons as I've never heard any of the Dan Clark Audio cans.
  6. The lead time is super long, yeah. But Ryan does good work from what I hear, so it's probably worth it? I love the machined wood look. I'd be probably getting a couple different pads with it, maybe the suede and the protein leather or lambskin. I really like leather pads, but I'll try the suede ones for sure.
  7. Maan, if this was posted in March when I had the means I would jump on it! GLWS! Great amp, the tubing mode is a fun feature!
  8. Man, I'd also be keen for a pair, but I keep getting caught in the weeds and thinking I want the T60RP version...
  9. If be interested to see a video of how much the lurker firmware improves GUI performance, that was my main issue with picking one up to try out Korg's nutubes in the Amp 9...
  10. I'm a big fan of the sound design in Overwatch - each ability and movement has a distinct sound, and with good headphones you can easily hear what's going on beyond what's immediately visible. It's not the loveliest of soundtracks, but I really respect the work that went into the sound design for the gameplay itself.
  11. Having heard a lot from the FiiO M11 and really enjoying it, I'm sure the M11 Pro would certinaly work for you. Have you had a chance to listen to the M11 (not pro)? Might be a good option too. Looking at the iBasso, it looks like there's a Korg NuTube amp module attachment which I'd love to try out. If you like tubes, maybe that's a consideration?
  12. Some car head units allow FLAC playback from a connected USB source. Not sure about the decoding on them (and the DACs/amps can very in quality) but if you had a small portable flash drive that might work. Not sure how it'd interface with Android Auto though. Another option would be finding a phone that supports MicroSD cards - The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the only vaguely recent flagship from memory I can think of that supports it, and the LG V50 ThinQ which is a weird but (I think) cool phone. SanDisk now sells 1TB MicroSD cards, so that could work for you?
  13. Some fo the more recent MQA albums I've been enjoying on Tidal in my mix - Audra McDonald - Sing Happy Jóhann Jóhannsson - Orphée Seth MacFarlane - In Full Swing Hadestown Live Original Cast Recording Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Original Cast Recording Conan The Barbarian Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Ad Astra Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Jason Robert Brown - How We React and How We Recover Primal Heart - Kimbra Fazil Say - Beethoven Compelte Piano Sonatas
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