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  1. Item: Bel Canto S300 Class D Power Amplified Location: Shell Cove NSW Price: $900 Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: upgraded to tube amplifier Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 150 wpc dual mono and has fully balanced and RCA inputs. This amplifier is not the standard model but has been modified by Underwood HiFi in the USA. This modification was designed by Chris Johnson, former President of Sonic Frontiers. The result is a more natural sounding and life like sound, more detail and a wider, deeper soundstage. For full details of the modification see photo. The amp is dual voltage 100-120v and 220-240v and is in excellent condition with no marks or scratches visible and comes with the original manual but no original box. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Sorry previous message looks odd. Will repeat offer of $50 including postage to Shell Cove NSW
  3. Offer $50 including postage. Just put in a padded bag.
  4. Interested but what do you mean that plastic caps have been replaced? Also will you post to NSW?
  5. I guess it depends on the rest of the system. My comments are based on use with tube pre and power amps and a tube CD player and the match with the Pure Audio Labs Lotus 5 is to my ears close to ideal.
  6. Assuming equal quality cables are used which gives you the best sound quality when connecting a Streamer to a DAC?
  7. IMHO Pure Audio Lotus 5 beats all DACS at any where near it's price range. It uses ESS 3098 Pro chips and is revealing but not overly analytical and it really gets you closer to the music than any DAC I have heard.
  8. Has anyone got any experience of the Pure Audio Lotus 5 DAC? I notice than a US reviewer rated it as superior to the more expensive Auralic Vega.
  9. I've asked this question on Audiogon but I thought I'd try opinions closer to home. I have an Exemplar/Denon3910 CD player ( a Denon player modified at great cost by John Tucker in the USA) and a Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer. I'm thinking of buying an Mhdt Orchid dac but wonder if I will hear a difference or rather an improvement. I've previously tried a Topping D50 and heard no difference at all so a bit cynical about external dacs. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm more than happy with the fake Odin I bought for around $100 but as the real thing costs around $30,000 I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to compare them. If the fakes are even less than half as good they still represent good value.
  11. I recently bought a pair of Chinese Nordost Odin interconnects for around$100 just out of curiousity. I was very surprised at the quality and the sound improvement over my existing cables. I know there is an ethical issue here as they are obviously fakes but still great value. Has anyone else had experience with these Chinese cables?
  12. I bought a Topping D50 based on it's measurements but was very disappointed that I could hear no difference in sound between the Topping and the DAC in my 10 year old Exemplar/Denon CD/SACD player. So the Topping went on ebay. What I learned from this was never buy a DAC unless you have heard it in your system.
  13. Hi I'm a new member from Shell Cove NSW. Not sure how to post as a new member but hope this is it.
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