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  1. I've already asked the question but so far no response and I can't see any way to do it except marking it as sold and then relisting it
  2. Further information: Almost unused, as I have two (don’t ask why), but I can’t get the coaxial outports to work on either. All other outputs eg optical & RCA, work fine, so possibly my fault. Anyway as a result I’m selling one unit for less than half price. The streamer has great sound and a big plus is you get Roon Essentials Control software, which gives you almost 80% of Roon, for free. As new, no dings, marks etc but no original box.
  3. Excellent sound quality streamer/dac, especially via the ethernet connection. Very good condition with one very small paint chip on one side (appears white in photo). Rate it 8/10 purely on account of the chip. No original box but will pack double boxed for transport. Includes a downloaded manual, remote and standard power cord. I can also throw in some reasonable silver coated copper interconnects if required. I can't recall the manufacturer of the interconnects but they look like LAT and I got them from the USA. Free local pick up or can send via Sendle, Auspost or Courier at y
  4. I'm not interested in paying an annual sub for Roon as I don't need all the artist details etc. All I want is an app that can logically catalogue classical albums I have saved in Tidal My Collection or at the very least provide a decent search function.
  5. Hi Marc I had read the review but it didn't really tell me how Essentials lists classical albums saved in Tidal My Collection nor does it indicate what search options it has.
  6. Does anyone have experience with the above server or more particularly the Roon Essentials software that the server uses? I want to know how the app lists classical music in the Tidal My Collection and whether there is a search function for My Collection. I am thinking of ditching my Cambridge Audio CXN because of the apps but not the sound quality, which is excellent. I would welcome suggestions for alternative streamers that use apps which have a clue about listing classical music, particularly those without a DAC as I will be using my Pure Audio Lotus 5DAC
  7. Item: Bel Canto S300 Class D Power Amplified Location: Shell Cove NSW Price: $900 Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: upgraded to tube amplifier Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 150 wpc dual mono and has fully balanced and RCA inputs. This amplifier is not the standard model but has been modified by Underwood HiFi in the USA. This modification was designed by Chris Johnson, former President of Sonic Frontiers. The result is a more natural sounding and life like sound, more detail and a wider, deeper soundstage. For full details of the m
  8. Sorry previous message looks odd. Will repeat offer of $50 including postage to Shell Cove NSW
  9. Interested but what do you mean that plastic caps have been replaced? Also will you post to NSW?
  10. I guess it depends on the rest of the system. My comments are based on use with tube pre and power amps and a tube CD player and the match with the Pure Audio Labs Lotus 5 is to my ears close to ideal.
  11. Assuming equal quality cables are used which gives you the best sound quality when connecting a Streamer to a DAC?
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