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  1. Guys, I would appreciate the help of an experienced audiophile, since I am a layman on the subject. I am looking for an inexpensive integrated amplifier to power my pair TA-Oscar Duas Vias 8 Inch Kevlar tower speakers from Tropic Audio (https://www.tropicaudio.com.br/torre-ta-oscar-duas-vias-8 -pol-kevlar-olive-green) and a Sony Subwoofer SA-WP16 (I intend to substitute it, soon). I found this Marantz PM6006 (https://htclick.com.br/produto/amplificador-integrado-marantz-pm6006/), but I am intrigued by the low power capacity of these integrated amplifiers. This PM6006, for example,
  2. Guys, is there any possibility of a tweeter burning out because of the reproduction of an audio recorded in flac or mp3 that is said to be "of dubious quality"? As far as I know, this claim does not succeed. The maximum that can occur is that the component does not render its full potential of sound quality. As I consider myself almost lay on the subject, I resort to friends here. ----
  3. Folks, My sound system is a stereo, with a Pioneer VSX-534 receiver, two Tropic Audio TA-300 towers and two Sony Active Subwoofers (SA-WP16). As my interest is only music, I opted for this system 2.2, which suits me perfectly, even because I have little space, only 10.58 m2. However, I have begun to be interested in the relaunching of classic albums, usually 50th, 25th, etc. commemorative editions of the major rock bands, and these re-releases include versions of these high definition audio discs that can only be played on a 5.1 system. , at least. Because of this, I intend to p
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