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  1. I’m trying to but looks like I have been beaten to the post. But thanks for the input.
  2. thanks for the input ,I have a lot to think about having never auditioned a pair before.
  3. Thanks Snoop just have to work out if the rest of my kit is up to doing them justice or if they will show floors in it . cheers
  4. Thanks much appreciated ,now I'm starting to wonder if the rest of my kit will do them justice. I have a P3 with grove tracer modifications running a Van Den Hul MC10 special cartridge, Musical Fidelity M6 phono stage, Cyrus pre amp ang Rega Apollo CD.. I currently have an Elektra Theatron power amp running a pair of Monitor Audio GS20 speakers and was going to order the Elektra PNYX tube pre to replace the Cyrus. Would the PNYX still be a good option in your opinion ? thanks again,
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