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  1. Picked up this little stack for the princely sum of a 6 pack of beer, Turntable is a Sanyo tp 825d. The amplifier currently isn't working, hopefully it's something simple to fix but I'm yet to crack it open.
  2. https://www.jaycar.com.au/1m-mini-3-5mm-toslink-to-toslink-optical-cable/p/WQ7310
  3. If you can push the budget a bit I have a SVS SB2000 I'm considering moving on.
  4. Hi, I have an as new Blue horizons Profono (Black). Link - https://klappav.com.au/products/profono-phono-preampli-er-black Review - https://theaudiophileman.com/profono-phono-amp-review-blue-horizon/ Would consider offers around $800 including postage.
  5. Have a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic $250
  6. Got Edward to make me some 4ohm, 8" version of the Sentinel with Tassie Blackwood Veneer. Matches the Blackwood TV unit I found on Facebook Marketplace today quite well I'd say!
  7. Here you go! I have the other grills just never have used them.
  8. Got these for sale, they're 90dB/2.83V/m & 4ohm
  9. SL1200 without arm. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/517757038907091/
  10. For sale - 1x Set of Epos Epic 2 Speakers. I've owned them from new and have thoroughly enjoyed them, however I've purchased some floor standing speakers as an upgrade / newborn proofing. Pickup is available from 2603, Canberra Happy to ship as I have the original packaging still. Stereophile Review here - CLICK
  11. I've got the bigger brother, the PMA 800NE, I side-graded from a Arcam FMJA19, mainly so I went from 3 boxes (Amp, Phono, DAC) down to one. Very much enjoying it, much more than the Arcam and having a multiple digital inputs & a MM/MC phono stage in an integrated at the price point is amazing.
  12. Any recommendations for a new turntable mat for a Denon DP-1200?? The one I have (standard rubber type) is a dust magnet.
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