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  1. Just getting into stereonet and hifi as a whole, got a few headphones speakers and amps, still looking for more.
  2. If this is still available I can pick it up anytime as I am pretty close to you, worth trying to fix.
  3. Thankyou for the replies. I might check out the Monitor Audio Bronze 2. Any recommendations for a decent budget amp? I had a Yamaha r-500 before my current one which just seemed to sound less 'muddy' and a little more crisp both in the high and low end. Too bad it killed itself due to a short circuit from old 70's cabling.
  4. My current audio setup has: Pioneer A109 (amp) Gale Gold monitors (speakers) and the Pro-Ject essential turntable. out of these three components, which do you guys think would need upgrading first?
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